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New generation of bearingless encoders enable higher performance

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23 April 2024

Any resolution can be realized and programmed with any magnetic ring.

Your Benefit 

  • Any resolution can be realized
  • Programmable for maximum flexibility
  • For shaft diameters up to 390 mm
  • Customized solutions on request
Due to their compact design and any shaft diameter, bearingless encoders are ideal for use in drive and elevator technology, for asynchronous motors or external rotor motors, or in generators, large motors and wind turbines. Kübler has now expanded its product range of bearingless encoders to achieve an even more powerful overall system. This is achieved through the available magnetic rings, which always achieve the best possible accuracy. Influences from the respective installation and possible temperature differences are compensated for by the sensor head.

In addition, the RIM2000 and RIM5000 variants are able to program the sensor resolution and thus realize any number of pulses regardless of the magnetic ring used. The new bearingless encoder series therefore offers maximum flexibility, higher performance and cost savings

When is which sensor head used?

If a high signal quality is important in the application, the bearingless rotary encoder variant RIM2000 with the 2mm pole length and the bearingless rotary encoder RIM2000 are ideally suited. This requires perfect bearings and a stable installation process that allows an air gap of max. 1 mm.

If the application requires a larger air gap (up to max. 2 mm), the bearingless RIM500 rotary encoders or the programmable RIM5000 variant are used. High performance is also achieved with high signal quality.

With the wide selection of magnetic rings and various mounting options, the bearingless encoders from Kübler can be used in a variety of flexible ways.

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