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Signal converters

Comprehensive and versatile
  • Conversion of different signal formats:
    • HTL / TTL, SinCos, SSI, Analog
  • Output frequency up to 4 MHz
  • 12 - 30 V supply voltage

Convert input signals to the desired output format.

Signal converters convert the format of the input signals into the desired output format. In addition to the pure conversion of signals, signal converters also offer the possibility of filtering or linearizing signals. Additional functions such as calculations, sampling and data logging are also possible. The modules are usually set using DIL switches or, alternatively, by software.

Product details
Analog to digital
  • Easily parameterizable via software
  • Programmable zero pulse
  • Data logging function
  • 4 control inputs
Product details
SinCos to HTL / TTL
  • Individual adjustment of output frequency via divider and multiplier
  • Output frequencies up to 4 MHz
Product details
SSI to parallel
  • Switchable master / slave operation
  • Strobe output
  • Suitable for Gray and binary codes