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    19 April 2021

    Retirement farewells

    In April, we had the pleasure of bidding farewell to two long-serving employees, Mr. Kruschel and Mr. Teuffel, as they entered their well-deserved retirement.

    06 April 2021

    New generation of PROFINET IO encoders Sendix F58 as singleturn and multiturn variant

    Kübler presents its new generation of Industrial Ethernet encoders, which differ both technically and mechanically from existing fieldbus encoders.

    29 March 2021

    Hygiene measures at Kübler praised by the health department

    In the course of combating the Corona virus, our hygiene measures were inspected and praised by the health department.

    16 March 2021

    Brochure Solutions for Wind Turbines - Edition 2021

    Discover on more than 10 pages suitable products & solutions for various applications in wind turbines. Whether for blade angle measurement, wind direction tracking, position and speed control or signal and power transmission - Kübler has the right product.

    10 March 2021

    Hannover Messe digital - 12th to 16th April 2021

    Under the guiding theme of "Industrial Transformation", this year's Hanover fair is taking place in digital form.Take advantage of the opportunity to network with our contacts via chat or video.

    05 March 2021

    IO-Link encoders, draw-wire encoders and displays

    IO-Link stands for simplicity, cost reduction and as an entry point to implement future Industry 4.0 concepts. The Kübler portfolio is being expanded to include IO-Link products.

    03 March 2021

    Pancake slip ring for end-of-arm tooling

    The ideal solution for end-of-arm tooling. Reliable transmission of load, signals and data with short installation space and low weight at the same time.

    26 February 2021

    Kübler Slip Ring Days - 23rd to 25th March 2021

    Let's meet digitally and talk about your application in real time. Experience Kübler slip rings in a different way.

    25 February 2021

    Digital company tour for students

    Our trainees organised a digital company tour for the students of the Georg-Müller School in Schwenningen.

    More News

    22 February 2021 Industries Event

    Heilbronn Elevator Days - 2nd to 3rd March 2021

    The Heilbronn Elevator Days will take place in digital form this year. Take the opportunity and let us meet digitally and talk about your application in real time. Experience solutions for the elevator industry in a different way.
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    17 February 2021 Products

    Brochure Short form - Edition 2021

    The entire portfolio at a glance: Discover all products and product innovations from the fields of measurement, transmission and evaluation. With the interactive pdfs., you can quickly and easily obtain more in-depth information on your desired product. Try it out!
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    09 February 2021 Products Industries

    Videos and tutorials on elevator technology

    Discover the latest videos about our encoders and shaft copying systems. From simple installation to the use of sensors for Predictive Maintenance and the implementation of lift and safety functions according to EN81-20/21/50 with Kübler products.
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    21 January 2021 Products

    Even more compact - Draw-wire encoder C105 Compact-Line

    The newly designed cable outlet is maximally flexible and compensates for installation tolerances. This leads to increased availability even under adverse installation conditions.
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    12 January 2021 Company

    Kübler successfully braces itself against the crisis in 2020

    "We have moved closer together as a Kübler team than before the crisis, despite the distance requirement".
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    12 January 2021 Products

    Brochure New Products - Edition 2021

    Discover all product innovations from the areas of measurement, transmission and evaluation.
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    04 January 2021 Industries Event

    Kübler Elevator Days - 2nd to 4th February 2021

    Let us meet digitally and talk about your application in real time. Experience Kübler shaft copying systems and encoders in a different way.
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    04 January 2021 Company

    Kübler donates to Oberbaldingen church

    Traditionally, Kübler donates to organisations in the area every year.
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    31 December 2020 Company

    Donation over Christmas

    This year Fritz Kübler GmbH is once again supporting regional organisations with a donation.
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    29 December 2020 Company

    Senior manager Erika Kübler celebrates her 90th birthday

    "It was a wonderful time, with ups and downs, for which I am deeply grateful" sums up Erika Kübler, senior boss of the company of the same name, and looks back on an eventful life.
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    26 November 2020 Company

    Lions Club Kalender for all Küblerianer

    It's a tradition at Kübler: the Lions Club Advent Calendar
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    25 November 2020 Products

    Encoders, draw-wire encoders and inclinometers - now with SAE J1939 interfaces. Predestined for mobile automation.

    Mobile automation is more diverse than any other industry. The numerous applications result in different requirements for the sensor technology. In addition to CANopen, Kübler is expanding its portfolio with SAE J1939 products.
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    12 November 2020 Careers

    Kübler honours long-standing employees

    Despite the Corona restrictions, Kübler did not miss the opportunity to congratulate its long-standing and loyal employees for decades of service.
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    01 November 2020 Event

    SPS Connect / Innovation Marathon - 24th to 26th November 2020

    Let's meet digitally and talk about your application in real time. Experience Kübler products in a different way.
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    01 October 2020 Event

    Kübler Slip Ring Days - 20th to 22nd October 2020

    Let's meet digitally and talk about your application in real time. Experience Kübler slip rings in a different way.
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    28 September 2020 Products Industries

    Precise positioning of the lift car - New generation Ants shaft copying systems

    SIL3 certified position detection and evaluation of the absolute car position up to 392 m. Increased speed and improved IP protection with maximum compactness.
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    16 September 2020 Company

    Kübler Chat - now online!

    The answer to your questions in real time
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    10 September 2020 Careers

    Together we are strong– Trainee getting to know each other day 2020

    An "almost" normal getting to know each other in Corona times; with distance and lots of fun.
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    01 September 2020 Event Careers

    Digital Training Days from 24.09 - 09.10.2020

    Kübler is breaking new ground to introduce itself to future trainees.
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    11 August 2020 Company

    Kübler "fills up on sunshine" - own e-charging stations installed

    The employees of Fritz Kübler GmbH can charge their e-cars and e-bikes free of charge at the company's own charging station.
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    22 July 2020 Careers

    Honour for passing the exam

    This year, our training meeting and thus the honouring took place in the open air, with mouth and nose protection and sufficient distance.
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    15 July 2020 Company

    And the Stevie Award 2020 for the best website goes to... the Kübler Group

    For the sixth time, the Stevie Awards were handed over to companies all over Germany.
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    07 July 2020 Industries Event

    WEE World Elevator & Escalator Expo - 18th to 21st August 2020

    The international trade fair of the elevator industry "WEE World Elevator & Escalator Expo" takes place in Shanghai. Kübler China is present with a booth and presents solutions around the elevator industry.
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    23 June 2020 Company

    Awarded as TOP Innovator

    TOP 100: the award for the most innovative medium-sized companies. We are one of them.
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    18 June 2020 Products

    The flattest draw-wire encoder on the market - now also with redundant analog sensor

    The B75 draw-wire encoder, which in addition to its robust construction is particularly known for its flat design for the tightest installation spaces, Kübler now also offers the draw-wire encoder with a redundant analogue sensor (4 ... 20 mA or potentiom
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    05 June 2020 Company

    Managing Director Lothar Kübler has his 50th birthday today

    For more than 20 years, Lothar Kübler has been running the family business alongside his brother Gebhard. Today he turns 50.
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    21 May 2020 Products

    Bearingless encoders for shaft diameters up to 740 mm. Direct speed measurement with high signal quality.

    Bearingless encoders for direct speed measurement on large shafts up to 740 mm. High signal quality thanks to smart technology and possibility for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
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    16 April 2020 Company Careers

    Setting a sign in hard times

    As a small thank you, "care packages" were packed during the first lockdown for staff who do not have the opportunity to work from home.
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    25 March 2020 Company Careers

    New Global Industry Manager for Elevator Technology - Yasin Bayrakli

    Since the beginning of March 2020, Yasin Bayrakli has taken over responsibility for the Lift Technology division at Kübler as Global Industry Manager.
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    11 March 2020 Products Industries

    100 % integration in asynchronous motors Bearingless encoders for a compact motor design

    In order to reduce the overall length, Kübler offers magnetic, bearingless encoders that can be integrated into any motor size according to customer specifications.
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    25 February 2020 Company Careers

    Kübler receives TOP JOB Employer Award again

    Kübler receives the independent Top Job seal for employer attractiveness for the fourth time. The award is given to companies that are consistently committed to a healthy and at the same time high-performance workplace culture.
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    15 January 2020 Products

    Encoders and slip rings for Industry 4.0/IIoT concepts

    Industry 4.0/IIoT enables manufacturer-independent access to device data, additional standardised services and simplified device administration. Sensors such as encoders and slip rings play a decisive role in this.
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    14 January 2020 Company

    Kübler - now also on Instagram!

    In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and YouTube, the Kübler Group can now also be found on Instagram with a main business account.
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    03 January 2020 Company

    60 years of Kübler, 60 years of innovation

    The family business Kübler celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.
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