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Shaft copying systems

Safe, precise, robust
  • Travel height up to 392 m
  • Safety: SIL3 certified
  • Dynamic: Travel speed up to 12 m/s
  • Precision: Resolution up to 0,5 mm
  • Direct: Absolute positioning
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Absolute positioning of the elevator car for travel heights up to 392 m.

The contactless absolute measuring system for shaft copying – also called shaft information or positioning system – has an extremely compact, very robust design. In addition to the sensor, which detects the position of the elevator car 100% slip-free, it also includes the appropriate evaluation unit, a so-called Position Supervisor Unit (PSU). The safe system therefore consists of a SIL3-certified sensor and a suitable evaluation unit. This enables elevator and safety functions to be implemented in accordance with EN 81-20/21/50.

Reliable determination of position and speed values

Kübler offers various sensors for this purpose. The Ants LEB02 serves as a classic shaft copying system for precise positioning of the lift car. The SIL3-certified Ants LES02 and Ants LES03 sensors can also be combined with various evaluation units from Kübler. The sensors from Kübler are particularly characterised by their compact and robust design.
Product details
Ants Base
  • Absolute position acquisition
  • 100 % slip-free
  • Extremely robust and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Contactless measuring principle
  • Various interfaces
Product details
Ants Safe
  • SIL3-certified
  • Absolute position acquisition
  • 100% slip-free
  • Extremely robust and compact
  • Easy installation
  • Contactless measuring principle
Product details new
Detecting the overspeed
  • Electronic speed limiter
  • Easy teach-in of the nominal speed
  • Can be combined with SGT02 and PSU02

Safe systems for the realization of safety functions

In addition to sensors for safe position and speed detection, Kübler also offers the appropriate evaluation units, also known as Position Supervisor Units. In this way safety functions can be implemented in accordance with EN 81-20/21/50. Kübler Safe systems thus make a significant contribution to the digitalisation of lift systems. Numerous mechanical components such as limit switches or even the classic overspeed governor can be eliminated. This saves space, time and costs.

Product details
Safety functions without triggering electromechanical safety gear
  • SIL3-certified sensors with suitable evaluation unit or position supervisor unit for the realization of lift and safety functions according to EN81-20/21/50, e.g. limit switch, inspection limit switch, UCM
  • Elimination of numerous components
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Space-saving design
  • Smart teaching functions.
Product details new
Electronic overspeed governor
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Triggering the electromechanical safety gear
  • Implemented monitoring and resetting of the safety gear
  • Shield Mode for refuge spaces
Product details new
Safety functions with triggering the electromechanical safety gear
  • Triggering the electromechanical safety gear
  • Elimination of numerous other components
  • Limit switch, inspection limit switch, UCM and much more
  • Shield-Mode for refuge spaces
Outlook 2023: PSU03
  • All-In-One Concept
  • Further safety functions can be implemented
  • Integrated release of the electromechanical safety gear
  • Numerous additional features
  • Reduced cabling effort

Simple parameterization of the PSU02 evaluation unit

Product details new
Concept Study: Easy teaching of the evaluation unit via smartphone
With Concept Study Smart Teaching, the evaluation unit PSU02 is teached in via smartphone using an intuitive web interface.

Technology in detail

Saves time and costs

One of Kübler's unique selling points is its ease of mounting. Using carabiners, the stainless steel band can easily be attached to the respective mounting set via "plug & play". In the shaft pit, the belt is pretensioned by a spring. The essential installation instructions are available both on the strip packaging and directly on the sensor. No more tedious scrolling through user manuals or searching in PDF files.

Suitable for the tightest spaces

The extremely compact design not only saves space but also costs. Especially for elevators with reduced shaft head, shaft copying from Kübler offers benefits. It is possible to mount the sensors on, next to, or under the cabin.

Reliable and durable

The robust stainless steel band with its rounded edges is mounted directly to the guide rails using a mounting set. It can neither be influenced by temperature fluctuations nor by magnetic influences during mounting, such as the use of magnetized screwdrivers. The code is punched into the stainless steel strip. As a result, Kübler dispenses with additional gluing processes and thus ensures maximum robustness of the strip in the application.

Precise positioning

Loss of absolute position or correction of position by reference switches (magnetic vanes) is a thing of the past. With Kübler's shaft copying, the position of the elevator car can be determined 100% slip-free. The sensor is mounted directly on the elevator car and can directly determine the absolute position without additional reference markers in the shaft. Slippage of the cable at the drive has no effect on the measuring result. The sensor system is an absolute value system which can record a unique absolute position value at any point of the code band.

Reduce total costs

With the SIL3 certified Position Supervisor Unit (PSU), evaluation unit, or Safe Box, elevator and safety functions can be realized in accordance with EN 81-20/21/50. These include emergency limit switches, UCM (Unintended Car Movement), inspection limit switches, overspeed inspection, or door bypass. Kübler's safe system allows numerous existing components in the elevator shaft to be eliminated, such as limit switches, magnetic vanes, reference switches, or door zone magnets. In addition to procurement costs, this saves installation and maintenance time.


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With this innovation, the evaluation unit or shaft copying system is teached in quickly and easily via an intuitive web interface for desktop and mobile devices.



Shaft copying systems for triggering electromechanical safety gears


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