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Displays and counters

Visualize and control
  • Pulses
  • Positions
  • Operating hours and times
  • Velocities and frequencies
  • Energy in kWh
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Electronic, electromechanical or pneumatic recording, control and evaluation.

Discover the world of displays and counters. We have been developing and manufacturing counting technology for the whole world for over 60 years. In addition to the high quality of our products, the variety of options for accurately and reliably recording times, frequencies, energy, and positions as well as controlling processes is particularly impressive. Every display, every meter stands for optimum readability – in all environments. Count with us – count on Kübler.

Pulse Counters
Pulse counters

Acquisition of unit counts, quantities, and events.
Electromechanical, electronic and pneumatic pulse counters.

Preset Counters
Preset counters

Conveniently control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic preset counters.

Hour Meters / Timers
Hour meters / Timers

Acquisition of short-term measurements, run times, and service intervals. Electromechanical and electronic counters.

Time Preset Counters
Time preset counters

Conveniently control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic time preset counters.

Tachometers / Frequency Displays
Tachometers / frequency displays

Acquire, control, and monitor linear and rotational speeds and flow rates. Tachometer with and without limit values.

Position Displays
Position displays

Display, control, and monitor positions. Position readouts with or without limit values.

Multifunction Devices
Multifunction devices

Conveniently display and control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical
and electronic counters.

Product details
Energy time counter

Parallel acquisition of energy and time, for example for leased equipment.



Basics counters and process devices