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Absolute encoders multiturn

Absolute position over several turns
  • Number of revolutions up to 24 bit multiturn
  • Additional incremental track for speed measurement
  • Optical and magnetic sensing
  • Sizes from Ø 36 mm to Ø 70 mm
  • Working temperature range from -40 °C to +90 °C
  • Analog, SSI, BiSS, fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet
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Position detection over multiple turns with multiturn encoders.

With absolute multiturn encoders, up to 24 bits of unique angular positions are output per revolution. The number of revolutions is also recorded. The unambiguous position is available even after the encoder has been disconnected from the power supply. The Sendix encoder made in Germany – is the result of the highest quality awareness and careful selection of materials. It has proved its value in many industries as a robust and precise sensor technology. We are also happy to implement special solutions and modifications. We look forward to your challenge.

Encoders by size

If space is an important factor, you can find the right encoder here. They range from compact to maxi encoders.
Nearly limitless possibilities await you when configuring your encoder. There are also a variety of mechanical and electrical ordering options.

Ø 36 mm compact encoder
  • Optical and magnetic
  • Resolution up to 24 bits
  • Shaft or hollow shaft up to 10 mm
  • Analog, SSI, BiSS, CANopen
Ø 50 mm to Ø 70 mm standard encoder
  • Optical
  • Resolution up to 24 Bit multiturn
  • Special approvals
  • Standard, fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet interfaces
Hollow shaft maxi encoder up to Ø 45 mm
  • Optical
  • Individual system consisting of encoder and robust bearing unit
  • Variety of interfaces

Encoders for special requirements

Are you looking for specific technical features or do you have special sensor requirements?
With us you'll find the perfect encoder for your machines, systems, or motors. We are also happy to accept individual challenges. Please contact us.

IO-Link Communication
  • Magnetic Scanning
  • Total resolution up to 32 Bit
  • Shaft and hollow shaft variants
Fieldbus communication
  • CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus
  • Resolution up to 24 bits
  • Also available in explosion-proof ATEX and IECEx variants
Industrial Ethernet encoders
    EtherNET / IP
  • Total resolution up to 32 bits
  • Shaft and hollow shaft variants
Explosion protection
  • ATEX / IECEx certified
  • Encoders for zones 1/21
  • Shaft and hollow shaft versions
  • Also for Functional Safety
Functional safety
  • For SIL2/PLd or SIL3/PLe
  • TÜV-certified encoders
  • Shaft and hollow shaft versions
Corrosion resistant
  • Compact multiturn encoder with surface protection
  • In V2A or V4A stainless steel
  • Analog, SSI, CANopen
  • Shaft design
Installation on motors / electric drives
  • Flattest multiturn encoder with additional incremental track
  • Low overall depth of 43 mm
  • Continuous hollow shaft up to 15 mm
  • Resolution up to 24 bit multiturn
  • SSI, BiSS, CANopen
Smart Slip ring - IIoT enabler
Slip rings for Industrial Ethernet transmissionalso ensure that Industry 4.0 / IIoT concepts can be implemented in every angle of the machine.



Industrie 4.0 / IIoT ready