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Speed measuring of the rotor and generator shaft

Precise and reliable
  • Sturdy encoders – particularly resilient
  • Bearingless encoders for large shaft diameters
  • Optimal speed and position measuring
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The optimal encoder for any wind speed with Kübler.

Accurate position and speed information are important measured variables for the control loop of a wind turbine. Kübler offers the right sensor solutions for this purpose: from extremely robust encoders for monitoring the generator speed at the shaft end, to compact encoders for integration in the slip ring, to bearingless encoders for direct speed detection at the rotor and generator shaft.

If necessary, smart bearingless encoders offer the highest resolutions and allow for a high control quality through digital signal processing with active correction of signal errors. The flexible encoder systems are true all-rounders. They provide information about the position, speed and acceleration and can be directly integrated into the condition monitoring system or into the system’s safety monitoring through additional outputs.

Position and speed measuring
  • Bearingless encoders
  • High level of control quality thanks to digital signal processing
  • Direct mounting on the rotor or generator shaft
Speed measuring of the rotor shaft at the slip ring
  • Incremental encoders
  • Economic solution
  • Optical precise
  • Dimension of ø 40 mm
Product details
Speed measuring on the generator shaft
  • Heavy duty incremental encoder
  • Optical precise
  • Bearing insulation up to 2.5 kV
  • Resolution max. 5000 ppr.
Monitoring the rotor speed and rotor system
  • Encoders up to SIL3/PLe
  • Incremental and absolute
  • Optical precise
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm



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