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Encoders for large motors / generators

For the toughest conditions – extremely robust sensors
  • Heavy duty encoders
  • Bearingless encoders
  • Optical or magnetic
  • Particularly resistant to shocks and vibrations
  • For numerous shaft diameters
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Speed measuring with incremental encoders.

Large motors and generators are usually used in harsh environments and are exposed to much more intense shocks and vibrations compared to other drive classes. In addition there are also temperature fluctuations, dust and humidity. Downtimes are very cost-intensive in applications, for example in wind turbines or in heavy industry. That is why we have taken up this task and developed special encoders. Our heavy duty encoders stand for maximum robustness and reliability. So you can ensure a high level of system availability and optimal speed feedback in your application too.

Incremental encoders

The heavy duty encoders from Kübler are ideal for speed measuring in harsh environments. The extremely robust bearing structure protects the encoders from high shaft currents, shocks and vibrations. Alternatively, bearingless encoders are recommended as a compact solution. These are also robust and wear-free thanks to the contactless measuring principle, thereby ensuring a long service life.

For shaft diameters up to 42 mm
  • Dimension of ø 100 mm
  • Resolution up to 5000 ppr.
  • Low installation depth
For heavy duty applications
  • Dimension of ø 115 mm
  • Resolution up to 3600 ppr.
  • Different variants
Product details
For heavy duty applications
  • Dimension of ø 100 mm
  • Resolution up to 3600 ppr.
  • Continuous hollow shaft max. 28 mm
Bearingless encoders – compact alternative
  • For large shaft diameters
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Extremely robust


Compact & wear-free sensor solution: Bearingless encoders - English

Incremental and absolute encoders for motors - English



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Smart bearingless encoders

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