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Codix 564 Codix 564 Codix 564
Codix 564 Codix 564 Codix 564

Temperature controllers electronic

Codix 564

  • Measuring rate of 10 measurements/second
  • Inputs and outputs galvanically isolated
  • Optional analog output
  • Dimension
    · 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
  • Supply voltage:
      · 10...30 V DC
  • Display 6-digit number, LED
Analog 0–10 V

Temperature controller – Monitors and controls 2 limits.

The temperature control unit Codix 564 displays temperature values in high resolution and monitors and controls 2 limit values. All common temperature sensors such as the thermocouples B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T as well as mV inputs, Pt100 and resistance inputs can be connected to the device. These fast displays set new standards in user-friendliness. Thanks to an easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, comprehensible scroll help texts and a practical short instruction card, the annoying reading of extensive instructions is no longer necessary. Optionally also with analog output.

Model electronic
Function Temperature displays
Dimension 1 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Weight 180 g

(1) Front panel size | Panel cut-out
Supply voltage 10...30 V DC
Signal input Resistor 0–500 Ω
Thermocouples B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
+/-100 mV
Signal output Analog 0–10 V
Analog 0–20 mA
Analog 2–10 V
Analog 4–20 mA
2 relays

Codix 564

  • Practical short instruction card for parameterization and operation of the device
  • Help texts as ticker
  • Easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, 6-digit, 14 mm high
  • Simple programming with 4 front keys
  • One front key and 2 additional inputs can be programmed for specific applications
  • Fixed characteristic curves for thermocouples and temperature resistance
  • Min/max memory individually resettable

  • Measuring rate of 10 measurements/second
  • Application-specific characteristic curves over 12 interpolation points
  • 2 relay outputs (change-over contacts) for limit monitoring with hysteresis and on/off delay function
  • Analog output for current measured value, min. value or max. value
  • Auxiliary voltage output for the sensor with AC version
  • Inputs and outputs electrically isolated
  • First-order digital filter for smoothing display fluctuations with unstable input signals
Data sheet

Codix 564 Temperature controller

PDF ∼ 1,1 MB | 10.2018
Operation manual

Codix 564

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 14,2 MB | 11.2020

Codix 56x

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 1,4 MB | 02.2012

Declaration of conformity

Codix 564 / 565 / 566

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 390,5 KB | 04.2016

Product Certificates

Counting and Process UL Canada

PDF ∼ 78,6 KB | 01.2019

Counting and Process UL USA

PDF ∼ 76,1 KB | 01.2019


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