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Safe speed monitors

Simple and compact
  • Integrated signal splitter – including analog output
  • Removable OLED touch screen plain text display
  • Simple programming with USB interface
  • Realization of drive safety functions

Reliable and safe speed monitoring.

The compact base module of the Safety-M compact series is a complete speed monitor in the smallest possible space (50 mm wide). The detachable operating and diagnostic display (OLED) stands for simple parameterization. The safe inputs/outputs and integrated signal splitter allow integration into existing safety circuits and upgrade of old machines.
Product details
A safe SinCos measuring system
  • SinCos inputs: 1
  • Safe relay outputs: 1
  • Safe digital inputs: 4/2
  • Safe digital outputs: 8/4
Product details
Two SinCos, incremental measuring systems, sensors
  • SinCos/incremental inputs: 2
  • Safe relay outputs: 1
  • Safe digital inputs: 4/2
  • Safe digital outputs: 8/4
Product details
A safe incremental measuring system, sensor
  • Incremental/sensor inputs: 1
  • Safe relay outputs: 2
  • Safe digital inputs: 8/4
  • Safe digital outputs: 8/4
Product details
Two incremental measuring systems, sensors
  • Incremental/sensor inputs: 2
  • Safe relay outputs: 2
  • Safe digital inputs: 8/4
  • Safe digital outputs: 8/4


Parameterize your device via the removable operating and diagnostic display or via the OS software. This lets you make diagnoses and settings conveniently on the PC, but also completely and easily via the intuitive touchpad display in the field. Select the right accessories for your product now.
Operating and diagnostic display
  • For safe speed monitors SMC1.3 and SMC2.4
  • OLED touch screen
  • Individually scalable
  • Display of operating mode and error mode
Software SafeConfig OS6.0
Parameterization software
  • Simple installation
  • Menu-guided
  • Simple parameterization
  • Diagnostic and monitoring functions

Application examples

For smooth continuous operation

In crane systems, in addition to the speed for lifting and lowering, the feed speeds for the X and Y axes are also monitored, thus preventing the transported goods from swinging. The many integrated safety functions ensure safe operation. In the event of a fault, the diagnostic functions quickly indicate the fault and thus contribute to faster troubleshooting.

Safe interaction between man and machine

Safe speed monitoring is used for storage and retrieval machines with lifting device. These monitor the speed at which the goods are raised and lowered. Excessive speeds are thus avoided and there is no danger to people, machine, or goods. Various safety functions are implemented with the Safety-M compact and ensure safe shutdown of your plant in the event of a fault. Thanks to the diagnostic functions, any errors that occur are quickly evaluated and analyzed.

Safe in the wind

In the case of wind turbines, safe standstill monitoring must be carried out not only for the speed but also in the event of excessive wind. Safety-M compact speed monitors, with their various safety functions, are perfect for this purpose. During operation, they monitor the speed and direction of rotation of the systems and, in the event of a malfunction, also their safe standstill.

For even greater safety

In production plants and fully automatic processing machines, it is often necessary to monitor not only the speeds but also the environment. The additional control inputs allow the direct integration of light curtains, light grids, or door monitors to ensure the safe operation of the system.



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