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Safety-M compact SMC2.4
Safety-M compact SMC2.4

Safe speed monitors

Safety-M compact SMC2.4

  • Integrated signal splitter
  • USB interface
  • Removable operating and diagnostic display
Analog 4–20 mA
TTL / RS422

SIL3/PLe security module for safe speed monitoring with two (different) incremental encoder systems/sensors

SMC2.4 is a compact safety module in the Safety-M family with integrated drive monitoring for one axis with two (different) encoder systems. This standalone speed monitor (base module) does not require an additional safe PLC.
Safety-M compact is perfect for integration into existing safety circuits or for upgrading old machines. Solutions with a two sensors (HTL differential, HTL single ended/proximity switch, RS422) are supported for reliable speed detection.

Dimension 50 mm x 100 mm x 165 mm
Working temperature -20 °C ... 55 °C
Protection level IP20
Connection types Screw terminals
Sub-D connector
Plug-in terminals
Safe digital inputs 8/4
Safe digital outputs 8/4
Safe relay outputs 2
Number of encoder interfaces 2
Interfaces Analog 4–20 mA
TTL / RS422
2 relays
Supply voltage 24 V DC

Safety-M compact SMC2.4

The integrated signal converter and splitter makes it easy to connect controllers that can work with the same encoder system. In addition, it is possible to output an analog speed value, e.g. for the replacement of tachometers or similar.
The device can be parameterized using a removable operating and diagnostic display or the SafeConfig OS6.0 PC software. Diagnostics and settings can be made comfortably from the office PC but also completely and easily using the intuitive touchpad display in the field.

  • Extensive library for preconfigured safety sensors and control devices. This allows easy parameterization with no programming.
  • Complete speed-related safety functions for drive monitoring equivalent to EN 61800-5-2 integrated in firmware (e.g. SOS, SLS, SSM, STO).
  • Various encoder interfaces: HTL differential, HTL single ended, RS422, or proximity switches, for a wide range of sensors, freely combinable with each other.
  • Integrated signal splitter for forwarding the encoder signals (optional). No complex, interference-prone external wiring if the controller wants to use the same signals.
  • The signal converter can output the encoder signal as HTL differential, HTL single ended, RS422, or as analog values from 4 to 20 mA.
  • Simple mounting, snaps onto 35 mm C-profile rail.
  • 8/4 safe inputs, 8/4 safe shutdown channels, 1 safe dual-channel potential-free relay contact
  • Contact multiplication or contact amplification by external contactors in connection with integrated monitoring possible (EDM).
  • The front LED always shows the operating status.
  • Removable operating and diagnostic display (optional).
  • Free "SafeConfig OS6.0" parameterization software.
Data sheet

Safety-M compact SMC2.4

PDF ∼ 418,0 KB | 05.2019

Safety-M compact SMCx Accessories

PDF ∼ 114,0 KB | 07.2019
Operation manual

Safety-M compact SMC1.3 / SMC2.4

PDF ∼ 10,7 MB | 06.2019


Safety-M compact SMC1.3 / SMC2.4 Parameter Description

PDF ∼ 1,2 MB | 12.2018

Safety-M compact SafeConfig OS6.0 Software

PDF ∼ 3,8 MB | 05.2018
Declaration of conformity

Safety-M compact SMC1.3_2.4

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 427,8 KB | 07.2019


SafeConfig OS6.0

Multilingual: German, English, French
ZIP ∼ 84,3 MB | 12.2018

mechanical CAD / STEP

Safety-M compact SMC2.4

ZIP ∼ 712,9 KB | 08.2019

electronic CAD / ePlan

Safety-M compact SMCx

ZIP ∼ 1,2 MB | 08.2019

Product Certificates

Safety-M compact SMCx

Multilingual: German, English
PDF ∼ 969,6 KB | 01.2020


Safety-M compact SMCx USB-Stick

Multilingual: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 41,3 KB | 06.2015


Pluggable operating and diagnostic display for the Safety-M compact family.

Pluggable operating and diagnostic display for the Safety-M compact family.

The SMCB display is used as a display and control unit for the Safety-M compact modules. Thanks to its intuitive operation, the SMCB display can be used quickly, easily and flexibly. The SMCB display can be used directly on the safety device. A multitude of functions and application possibilities are available.
Operation manual
Safety-M compact SMCB1

Cables and connectors

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