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Solutions for drive technology

Robust and high-resolution measuring systems
  • Optimal speed feedback
  • Precise position detection
  • Incremental and absolute rotary encoders
  • Bearingless encoders – compact solution
  • Motor feedback systems
  • Flexible mechanical mounting and installation solutions
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Kübler encoders and motors – a perfect pairing.

Kübler is strongly rooted in drive technology and has been developing appropriate sensor solutions for speed and position detection for different electric drives for decades. Renowned drive manufacturers trust our encoders, bearingless encoders and motor feedback systems. All of them are based on the highest quality, robustness and sustainable technologies. Combined with the large and flexible selection of mounting and installation solutions, Kübler encoders are the ideal solutions for any conceivable task in drive technology. We are also happy to take on individual challenges and implement modifications and special solutions quickly and easily. When will you choose Kübler?

Motor Feedback Systems for Servomotors
Motor feedback systems for servo motors

Speed and position detection with award-winning sensors. Reduction of motor versions and standardization of the mounting between the encoder and drive shaft thanks to the consistent dimension of 36.5 mm.

Encoders for Asynchronous Motors
Encoders for asynchronous motors
Incremental and absolute rotary encoders for speed feedback and position monitoring of the rotor position of asynchronous motors. Bearingless encoders as 100% integrated sensor solution.
Encoders for large Motors / Generators
Encoders for large motors / generators
Maximum reliability and optimal detection of speeds on large shafts with encoders and bearingless encoders.
Encoders for Stepper Motors
Encoder for stepper motors

Ideal for tight installation spaces. Incremental encoders for speed detection. High resolution with simultaneously compact design.

Magnetic Length Measuring Systems for Linear Motors
Magnetic length measuring systems for linear motors

Contactless and compact sensor solution consisting of a sensor head and magnetic strip. Particularly resilient to dirt, oils and moisture.

Elevator Technology
Encoders for motors in elevator technology

Special encoders for gearless motors and geared motors as well as space-saving bearingless encoders for external rotor motors.


Compact & wear-free sensor solution: Bearingless encoders - English

Incremental and absolute encoders for motors - English



Solutions for Drive Technology


Smart bearingless encoders