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Encoders for geared motors

Robust and durable
  • Hollow shaft encoders
  • Suitable for tight installation spaces
  • Incremental measuring system
  • Optical scanning
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Reliable speed regulation with incremental encoders.

Geared motors are used on the one hand for new construction, but above all also for modernizing elevator systems. Key features are the gears and a hand wheel at the end of the motor shaft. In these drives, an incremental encoder mounted between the motor and hand wheel detects the speed for the speed regulation and transmits it to the frequency converter (CDM). Kübler offers you the right hollow shaft encoders for this purpose, which are easy to install, especially in tight spaces, due to the compact design and which also have a long service life. You should choose Kübler too.

Incremental encoders

These incremental encoders are suitable for speed measuring and thus for optimal drive control. Due to the robust structure, these are resilient against any shaft currents, shocks or vibrations. Numerous ordering options are available to you.
Product details
Compact solution
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
  • Resolution up to 5000 ppr.
  • Continuous hollow shaft max. 28 mm
Product details
Large hollow shaft up to 42 mm
  • Dimension of ø 100 mm
  • Resolution up to 5000 ppr.
Product details
Heavy Duty: Extremely robust encoder
  • Dimension of ø 100 mm
  • Resolution up to 5000 ppr.
  • Continuous hollow shaft up to 42 mm


Encoders for elevator motors - english

Optimum drive control: Encoders for gearless motors and geared motors as well as bearingless encoders for external rotor motors

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