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Solutions for the packaging industry

Reliable and durable
  • Slip rings: from standard to custom
  • Incremental and absolute rotary encoders
  • Displays, counters and process controllers
  • Ideal for the most stringent hygiene requirements
  • High degree of protection, stainless steel variants
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Maximum system efficiency with Kübler products.

A high yield under efficient production conditions is crucial for the economic operation of modern production facilities in the packaging industry. Key factors to the economic efficiency of production are: Increased plant performance by accelerating individual processes, optimized control of production orders and minimization of downtimes. Kübler has offered suitable products for this purpose for years, which renowned manufacturers of packaging machines, rotary indexing tables or filling plants use. From encoders to linear measuring systems and slip rings to counters and process controllers. Regardless of which product you choose every single one of them meets the high requirements of the food industry and is thus the ideal solution for your plant.

Slip ring SR060E – the flow pack specialist. NEW: Plug and Play dank Easy Connect Modul

Ideally suited for the heating of sealing rollers. Specially developed for this task, the Kübler SR060E slip ring has been used by leading manufacturers for years and has proven itself to be a reliable and durable solution for transmitting load and signals.

NEW: The SR060E is now available with the Easy Connect Module, a pre-wired connection cap with connectors. Without time-consuming wiring, the slip ring can be quickly and safely integrated into the system on site thanks to reverse polarity protection. Replacement can also be easily carried out via "plug and play".

  • Compact design space-saving
  • 3 load and 2 signal transmissions reliable
  • Innovative contact technology, no oils needed low-maintenance
  • High degree of protection, smooth surfaces easy to clean

To the compact slip ring SR060E

Transmission of power, signals and data with modular slip rings

Carousels are used in highly-dynamic plants for various process steps. Each carousel must be supplied with power and be connected to the control system accordingly. Kübler slip rings are the ideal solution. They stand for a reliable transmission of power, signals and data. When combined with a media lead-through, fluids and gases (hydraulic and pneumatic) are also transmitted.
Product details
Modular and flexible
  • Up to 20 channels (signal/load)
  • Electric load up to 25 A
  • 30 mm hollow shaft or flange mounting
  • Maintenance cycles <= 500 million / U
Product details new
For Industry 4.0 / IIoT concepts.
  • Reliable transmission of loads up to 25 A.
  • Transmission of Industrial Ethernet up to 100 Mbit/s.
  • Quick and easy replacement by user.

Positioning and speed monitoring with optical encoders and linear measuring systems

Safe, quick, versatile and compact – properties that make Kübler encoders particularly ideal for use in packaging machines. The sturdy bearing structure in the Safety-Lock™ design with extra-strong outer bearings increases the lifespan and avoids machine downtime and repairs. Numerous ordering options, such as connection and fastening options, allow for a flexible and universal use. Linear measuring systems and custom measuring wheel systems are available to you for monitoring linear movements.
For tight installation spaces
  • Miniature incremental encoder
  • Resolution max. 1024 ppr.
  • Dimension of ø 24 mm
Economic solution
  • Compact incremental encoder
  • Resolution max. 2500 ppr.
  • Dimension of ø 40 mm
Uniquely versatile
  • Incremental encoder
  • Resolution max. 5000 ppr.
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
Rotary encoder with IO-Link
  • Extremely resistant
  • Magnetic Scanning
  • As singleturn or multiturn
Stainless steel incremental encoder
  • High quality seals
  • Resolution max. 5000 ppr.
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
SSI interface
  • Absolute Encoders Singleturn
  • Resolution max. 17 bits
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
Gearless absolute rotary encoder
  • Particularly insensitive
  • As a singleturn or multiturn
  • Dimension of ø 36 mm
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
Field bus and industrial Ethernet communication
  • Absolute rotary encoder
  • Singleturn or multiturn
  • Dimension of ø 58 mm
  • From Profibus to EtherNet/IP
Magnetic Length Measuring Systems
Magnetic length measuring systems

Extremely robust

Protective IP69k. Suitable for harsh environmental conditions. Compact design - perfect for tight installation spaces. Incremental or absolute.

Measuring Wheel Systems
Length measuring sets / Measuring wheel systems
Can be individually combined

Different length measuring sets. The right measuring wheel for every surface. Can be combined with various encoders.

Detecting, controlling and visualizing with counters and process controllers.

The powerful and very easy to operate Codix preset counters allow for decentralized, low-cost control systems, from simple unit quantity counting to controlling welding seams. The compact Codix displays serve to visualize, for example unit count, time or temperature, directly at the site of occurrence.
Tachometers / Frequency Displays
Tachometers / frequency displays

Acquire, control, and monitor linear and rotational speeds and flow rates. Tachometer with and without limit values.

Preset Counters
Preset counters

Conveniently control pulses, times, and speeds. Electromechanical and electronic preset counters.

Hour Meters / Timers
Hour meters / Timers

Acquisition of short-term measurements, run times, and service intervals. Electromechanical and electronic counters.

Pulse Counters
Pulse counters

Acquisition of unit counts, quantities, and events.
Electromechanical, electronic, and pneumatic pulse counters.

Position Displays
Position displays

Display, control, and monitor positions. Position displays with or without limits.

Product Finder
IO-Link touch display & process controller

Multifunctional for pulses, times, frequencies - also reciprocal. SSI position display with speed. Multicolor display.



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