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Bearingless encoders for shaft diameters up to 740 mm. Direct speed measurement with high signal quality.


21 May 2020

In addition to encoders with bearings, Kübler has also been offering compact bearingless encoders for various applications for many years. These set new standards due to their compact design and, above all, their low overall depth. In contrast to encoders with bearings (42 mm hollow shaft), hollow shaft diameters of up to 740 mm can be realized here. Ideal for large motors and generators that are used, for example, in wind turbines.

The bearingless encoders are mounted directly on the generator shaft, which leads to direct speed measurement. Thanks to high mounting tolerances, mounting to the generator is simple. Further advantages compared to encoders with bearings. These are mounted on the A-side of the drive and also require more space.


The high signal quality and the resulting high control quality of the drive are particularly noteworthy. Smart digital real-time signal processing: the term "smart" stands for an innovative innovation in two respects: on the one hand, digital, FPGA-based signal processing actively compensates for drift and signal errors caused, for example, by temperature, ageing and installation tolerances. Further state variables are recorded with this sensor technology and stand for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. ready. The bearingless encoders HDRI500 and HDRI5000 are available with the following interfaces: RS422 / TTL, push-pull / HTL as well as SinCos or BiSS. 


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