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Precise positioning of the lift car - New generation Ants shaft copying systems

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28 September 2020

The digital shaft copying system Ants, also known as shaft information or positioning system, is used in lift systems worldwide and, in addition to the precise positioning of the lift car, is particularly convincing due to its simple installation and compact design. The overall system has now been further developed.

New generation - more assembly options
The new generation of Ants shaft copying systems brings with it a number of innovations. In the area of mechanical construction, more flexible mounting options are now available. The sensor is mounted directly on the lift car by means of a mounting bracket and car fastening. Depending on the space available, the sensor can be positioned on the car mounting in 90° steps. The most compact solution is to mount the sensor via the T-slot prefabricated in the sensor housing. The tangential cable outlet above the sensor housing also ensures maximum compactness. 

New generation - more power
Even with the base variant of the new generation Ants shaft copying systems, absolute position values of the lift car are determined without slippage with a resolution of 1 mm and a travel speed of 8 m/s. The SIL3-certified Safe variant with a resolution of 0.5 mm is suitable for lift systems up to a travel speed of 12 m/s. Something has also changed in the area of electrical interfaces. In addition to the CANopen Lift and SSI interfaces, the RS485 interface is now also available for the Base variant. The Safe variant continues to communicate via CAN. Compared to conventional systems, the new generation is UL-certified. Thanks to IP54, the system is more robust than ever.

Exact positioning / 100% slip-free measurement
The linear measuring system from Kübler is mounted directly on the lift car. This means that the absolute position is permanently recorded, which is required, among other things, for the precise approach to the desired floor. The absolute position feedback makes a reference run unnecessary in the event of a power failure, as absolute position values with a resolution of 0.5 mm are always available over the entire travel height of up to 392 metres. During continuous operation of a lift, measurement errors can occur due to vibrations and dynamic rope effects. With the direct mounting of the Kübler measuring system, this is a thing of the past. A 100% slip-free measurement is guaranteed.

Robust and extremely compact
The sensor housing made of aluminium and the stainless steel band ensure reliable use. The shaft copying system is based on a non-contact measuring principle that is particularly wear-free, stands for a long service life and fulfils the measuring quality required in the target application.
It is the most compact measuring system for absolute shaft copying (135 x 45 x 33 mm). For retrofitting, modernisation or in existing buildings / lift shafts or for new installations, the system is used without any problems even in the tightest installation spaces.

The installation - child's play
A unique selling point of this measuring system is its foolproof installation. The installation kit consists of two mounting brackets, the rolled-up stainless steel tape and a spring element that is needed to pre-tension the tape in the shaft pit. There is no need to pay attention to anything during installation, because the stainless steel tape is forgiving of scratches or kinks that occur during installation. The measuring system can be installed in just a few minutes. This saves a lot of time and money. In addition, the new generation comes with another feature: The status LED serves as a diagnostic function.


The optimal solution for every requirement
The measuring system is offered in three possible combinations with the relevant interfaces (SSI, CAN, CANopen, RS485 and CANopen Lift) of the lift industry:
Ants Base, LEB01
Ants Safe, LES02 (SIL3 certified)
Safe system, Ants Safe + evaluation unit (PSU)


Realisation of the lift and safety functions according to EN 81-20/21/50
Everything from a single source: Kübler offers a complete package of functional safety technology. Based on a 100 % slip-free measurement, position values of the lift car are safely determined by a SIL3-certified shaft copying system and transmitted to the evaluation unit (PSU).
The Safe version of the measuring system is SIL3-certified and TÜV-tested and covers a wide range of lift and safety functions:
Inspection travel up & down, direct entry, shifting of the landing, unintentional car movement (UCM) and many more.


Elimination of additional sensors saves costs
The linear Kübler shaft copying system eliminates the need for a large number of components in the lift shaft. This reduces the complexity and the installation time considerably. If you imagine that in conventional lift systems you have to use a number of magnetic switches to detect the absolute positions, then this not only results in many installation hours, but also an enormous amount of maintenance and a complicated search in the event of a fault.

Advantages at a glance:
- Simpler installation
- Fewer components in the lift shaft
- Less complexity
- Faster troubleshooting in the event of a fault
- Higher system availability - less maintenance
- Reduction in overall costs


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