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New generation of PROFINET IO encoders Sendix F58 as singleturn and multiturn variant


06 April 2021

Thanks to the new technical platform the new Sendix F58 PROFINET IO encoders can also be easily integrated into PROFIdrive networks. The new generation also replaces the familiar fieldbus cover with the new design. This saves additional installation depth, which has a positive effect on the integration in systems / machines. The 58 mm size of the encoder, however, remains unaffected.

The new Sendix F58 encoders meet various performance requirements due to PROFINET IO, RT and IRT and are therefore easy to integrate. The new Sendix F58 encoders are 4x faster than the old generation Industrial Ethernet encoders, which is noticeable in a cycle time of 250 μs and thus meets high real-time requirements. The Sendix F58 encoders PROFINET support clock-synchronous cycle times of a SendCycle up to 31.25 μs and a jitter < 1 μs, making them the ideal solution for fast applications such as axis synchronization. The PROFIdrive profile enables interoperability between a wide range of control and drive manufacturers. The high IP67 protection rating ensures reliable use, whether in factory automation or drive technology.


The new generation of Industrial Ethernet encoders brings with it a number of advantages, such as an integrated web server. The user can access the encoder directly without additional software and start parameterization accordingly. There are also advantages for the user with an already installed Sendix F58 encoder. The encoders are and remain future-proof. This is because a firmware update can be easily imported into the system via the encoder's own integrated web server. Parallel access can also be used to create vertical communication from the control level to the sensor level, which enables location-independent parameterization, remote diagnostics and priority-supported process data exchange. Even maintenance interventions can be carried out in a time-saving manner.


Technology in detail
The Sendix F58 PROFINET encoders are based on the latest encoder profile (V 4.2) and thus support all Profinet features. Developed according to the requirements of Enhanced Motion Control, the new generation fulfills Conformance Class C - Encoder Class 4. The Identification & Maintenance functions are based on version 1.16. IM Block 0 is supported. In addition, the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) is implemented. The ProfiDrive protocol meets the requirements of Application Class 6 and includes the functionalities of Fault Buffer and Position Feedback Interface. Neighborhood detection is possible via LLDP. Shared Devices allows multiple PLCs to access the encoder. Kübler's Fast Startup ensures up to 3x faster availability after a plant startup.

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