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Elevator technology: Easy teach-in via smartphone

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23 March 2022

With the concept study "Smart Teaching Unit" Kübler presents under the motto "Up to the next level" how digitalization in elevator technology can look concretely. A controller-independent parameterization of the PSU evaluation unit is realized quickly and easily via the Smart Teaching Unit.

Your benefit

  • Controller-independent parameterization via CAN communication
  • Parameter overview supports commissioning and facilitates acceptance by the Notifed Body
  • Quick and easy diagnostics to reduce downtimes

To make the implementation process at the control manufacturer even easier and faster in the future, Kühler now offers a new tool. With the so-called Smart Teaching Unit (STU), the shaft copying system can be parameterized independently of the controller. The digitization of the elevator industry is picking up speed. Smart sensor systems are making an important contribution to this. These include the Ants shaft copying systems from Kübler. Be it in the area of Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance or in the replacement of traditional visual shaft installations: Today there is no way around an absolute positioning system. SIL3-certified sensors for 100 percent slip-free recording of absolute position values of the elevator car create the basis for making numerous components in the elevator superfluous - in combination with SIL3-certified evaluation units, the so-called Position Supervisor Units.  This not only saves installation time, space and costs, intelligent sensor systems also make an important contribution to making elevators even safer and smarter.

With the Ants LES02 shaft copying system in combination with the PSU02 evaluation unit, Kübler offers a SIL3-certified shaft copying system for the implementation of elevator and safety functions according to EN 81-20/21/50. For example, mechanical limit switches or door zone magnets can be emulated digitally. Where previously a large number of switches were installed as position reference systems, today only a single teach-in of the evaluation unit is required. In other words, a digital emulation of the elevator system is realized. CAN commands are used, for example, to parameterize the position values for limit switches, flush positions or even the length of the door zones. The absolute position values are transmitted with millimeter accuracy from the SIL3-certified Ants LES02 sensor system to the evaluation unit via a safe CAN-based transmission protocol. In addition to the safe position, a safe speed feed back is also determined.

New tool for implementation
Ideally, the parameterization process is implemented in a CAN-capable controller. The controller manufacturer integrates the so-called teach process of the evaluation unit directly into the controller. To make the implementation process at the controller manufacturer even easier and faster in the future, Kübler offers the Smart Teaching Unit (STU). This enables the shaft copying system to be parameterized independently of the controller. The STU communicates with the PSU02 evaluation unit via CAN and also provides a WLAN network. The user can access this secure network with a smartphone or any other terminal device. The respective web browser opens a website that guides the user through the parameterization of the PSU02 evaluation unit. On the one hand, this allows developers to quickly familiarize themselves with the functions of smart sensor solutions so that they can ultimately implement them in the controller. But elevator systems that do not yet have a CAN-capable controller can also be retrofitted with shaft copying systems from Kübler.

The tool fits in every pocket
The tool offers new possibilities for modernizations, new plants and also for condition monitoring applications. In addition to parameterization, the STU also provides numerous diagnostic and condition information. For example, the status of the shaft copying system can be viewed in the field at any time and faults can be rectified directly. The contact details of the Kübler elevator experts are also directly integrated in the system, in case support is needed after all. Once the shaft copying system has been parameterized or the status information in the field has been checked, the connection between STU and PSU can simply be disconnected. The tool does not have to remain at the installation - it fits in any pocket and supports elevator constructors and service technicians in their daily business worldwide.

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