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100 % integration in asynchronous motors Bearingless encoders for a compact motor design

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11 March 2021

Kübler is deeply rooted in drive technology and has
edicated itself to this industry with portfolio of encoders. Together with well-known manufacturers in this sector, Kübler has developed an integrated measuring system for asynchronous motors on the basis of the bearingless encoders, which sets new standards in terms of performance, compactness and, last but not least, space and cost savings compared to bearing-mounted encoders. Close and trusting cooperation between both partners was essential in order to integrate the compact magnetic measuring system into the motor. Thanks to innovative shielding technology, which is based on FEM-calculated simulations, and despite magnetic interference fields that occur, for example, when the electromagnetic brake is triggered, Kübler has fully succeeded in integrating the compact magnetic measuring system.

Another innovation in this implementation is the high signal quality and the resulting high control quality of the drive. Smart digital real-time signal processing: the term "smart" stands for an innovative innovation in two respects: on the one hand, digital, FPGA-based signal processing actively compensates for drift and signal errors caused, for example, by temperature, ageing and installation tolerances. This enables precise and high-resolution state variables despite a comparatively coarse division of the magnetic material measure. On the other hand, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are made possible by the already existing knowledge of the core variables of the drive system. Parameterization, including the integrated digital signal filter with delay compensation, which has proven to be very advantageous in many applications, and an electronic nameplate including user memory round off the equipment features.

Kübler's experts have thus succeeded in integrating feedback systems that have an unusually high signal quality and yet exhibit the compactness and reliability required for integration. The following interfaces are available: RS422 / TTL, push-pull / HTL and SinCos.

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