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Kübler donates a total of 25.000€ for Ukraine refugee aid


11 April 2022

Joint donation by employees and management for refugees in the Solegarten Hotel in Bad Dürrheim, direct aid in Poland and for two other organizations.

At the end of February a turn of events occurred that required quick and unbureaucratic action to help the numerous people who have been plunged into great suffering as a result of the inhumane war in Ukraine.

The Schwenningen-based Kübler Group, Fritz Kübler GmbH, therefore also decided to collect money together with its employees and to donate these amounts to several organizations. It was important to the company owners, Lothar and Gebhard Kübler, that a joint initiative was created by the employees and the management. No sooner said than done - the employees "donated" overtime, which the company converted into money per donated hour, plus numerous individual donations. All in all, this resulted in €10,000 in just a few days. The management doubled the amount to a total of 20,000 € "That was more than we expected" says Managing Director Gebhard Kübler gratefully and is pleased about the great team spirit. This success has prompted us to provide an additional €5,000 for direct aid in Poland. 

The two brothers emphasize: "In addition to €25,000 in monetary donations, it is important to us that we also help out ourselves and show warm-heartedness". A company apartment was immediately made available for refugees to accommodate relatives of a Ukrainian employee. In Bad Dürrheim, another opportunity presented itself at the Hotel Solgegarten. The refugees arriving there are personally supported by the entrepreneurs together with Kübler employees in serving meals. In the meantime Kübler employees even organize leisure activities such as bowling together for the people from the Ukraine. 

Kübler divides the total amount of € 25,000 between several projects. The Stelp organization organizes the purchase and transport of medical supplies. In Freiburg, Kübler supports the Stadtmission for the transport of relief goods to Ukraine and provides support for refugee orphans from Ukraine. The Polish subsidiary Kubler Sp. z o. o. receives 5000.-€ to buy refrigerators, washing machines and beds for the refugees arriving there.  

 A considerable part of the money is donated by Kübler to Bad Dürrheim for a specific purpose, in order to support the currently approx. 70 refugees, mostly mothers with children between the ages of 4 and 15, in the Hotel Solegarten. This has become a special matter of the heart for the entrepreneurs. Among other things, the donation will be used to subsidize meals for the refugees starting in April, which will be prepared by the Kurhaus in Bad Dürrheimn

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