Kübler pulses for the heavy industry. Reliable and sturdy.

On oil platforms and offshore plants, in open-cast or underground mining machines, in crane installations and in steel plants - Kübler encoders operate reliably in heavy machinery in the harshest environmental conditions with dust, moisture and extreme temperatures and mechanical stress. Usually, in these unfriendly environments, high-accuracy sensors reach their limits.
This is not the case with Kübler - With its wide-ranging products portfolio, the Company boasts more than 50 years of experience in mechanical engineering and automation technology. Heavy Duty encoders and rugged compact encoders equipped with particularly robust bearings, wit the most modern housing technologies and many various communication interfaces (from analogue up to the real-time Profinet interface) are part of our wide heavy industry-specific products range.
Encoders for functional safety and optical fibre modules for the secure optical transmission of encoder signals over long distances complete the Kübler product range for these application fields.

Speed measurement and positioning of rollers and
drives in the steel industry

Position and movement sensors play an important role in steel plants. Even though they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, the encoders must ensure an uninterrupted and safe process. Kübler encoders work steadily for many years in steel plants all over the world. Reliability is the main feature, especially for plants with very high operating costs.

1. Steel production
Positioning and speed regulation of cranes and trucks. Rugged sensors in very dusty environments with high mechanical requirements regarding shock and vibration resistance.

2. Steel casting
Rolling and cutting to length of the continuous strand. Use of encoders in extreme temperatures.

3. Hot rolling
Rugged speed regulation and accurate positioning of the rollers. Encoders in very hot and moist environments. Rolling mill-suitable encoders, shock-tested and with centrifugal switches to prevent from overspeed.

4. Cold rolling
Highly dynamic speed regulation and accurate roller positioning. High speeds and strong vibration and shock stress. Positioning, as well as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.

5. Further processing
High-accuracy speed regulation in galvanizing plants. The encoders are exposed to moisture and many chemicals. Positioning, as well as speed and hoisting gear regulation of cranes.


Sendix Heavy Duty H100 (shaft)

  • HD-Safety-Lock™ bearing construction for an extremely high bearing load capacity
  • Seawater-resistant material
  • Feather key fitting ensures positive fitting to the application
  • Safe overspeed protection by means of mechanical speed switch
  • Guaranteed availability thanks to the optional double encoder (twin encoder)
Sendix H120
Sendix Incremental H120.

Sendix Heavy Duty H120 (hollow shaft)

  • Bearing isolation up to 2,5 kV
  • Extremely high resilience (Dual protection of the shaft, IP66/67)
  • High shock (200 g) and vibration resistance (15 g)
  • Fastening arm on the flange or cover (device can be flexibly mounted)
  • Cable, plug-in connector, terminal box or optical fibre connection
  • Incremental encoder with up to 5000 ppr
  • Through hollow shaft up to Ø 28 mm
Sendix 5000
Sendix 5000.

Sendix 5000 with Euro flange

  • Compact and rugged incremental encoder
  • Mounting compatible with the usual Heavy Duty encoders on the market thanks to the EURO flange
  • Rugged Safety Lock™ bearings construction
  • Safe operation with moisture and dirt (IP67, -40°C ... +90°C)
Safety-M basic modules.

Safety-M extension modules.

Safety-M safety modules

  • Compact safety control with integrated drive monitoring for up to 2 axes
  • Freely programmable for the safe processing of drive-related safety functions as well as of EMERGENCY STOP switches, two-hand operator controls, light barriers, ...
  • Complex motion monitoring tasks possible
  • Graphical programming interface
  • Optional fieldbus interface
Sendix 5803
High-temperature 5803 and High-temperature 5823.

5803/5823 High-temperature versions

  • Incremental encoder with up to 5000 pulses
  • Can be used from -40°C up to +110°C
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields thanks to optical scanning
  • Various connection possibilities for different application purposes
Heavy Duty A02H
Heavy Duty A02H

A02H Hollow shaft encoder

  • Incremental encoder with large hollow shaft up to 42 mm
  • With protective cover for applications with a high degree of pollution
  • Many various mounting and connection accessories
  • Plastic isolation inserts protect the encoder from shaft currents and prevent from damages to the encoder bearings.
  • Simple and accurate mounting, axial fastening for conical and cylindrical shafts

Optical fibre emitters, receivers and cables

  • For the transmission of incremental, SSI and Ethercat signals
  • No cable-related interference in the optical fibre cables, e.g. due to generators or inverters
  • Safe transmission over distances up to 1.5 km
Sendix SIL
Sendix Incremental 5814 FS2 / 5814 FS3 and 5834 FS2 / 5834 FS3.

Sendix Absolute Singleturn 5853 FS2 / 5853 FS3 and 5873 FS2 / 5873 FS3.

Sendix Absolute Multiturn 5863 FS2 / 5863 FS3 and 5883 FS2 / 5883 FS3.

Sendix SIL

  • Singleturn and multiturn absolute encoders and incremental encoders for functional safety with SIL3 certification
  • Interlocked bearings for high robustness, accuracy and long lifetime
  • IP67 protection level
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields thanks to optical scanning

Sendix Heavy Duty – technology for heavy industry

Thanks to the special HD-Safety-Lock™ construction, the Sendix Heavy Duty encoders are ideally suited for applications in heavy industry, such as steel works and cranes.
Resistant materials, wide temperature ranges and a high protection level ensure they remain unaffected by the harshest environmental conditions.
Their innovative connection technology enables simple quick installation.

Sendix Heavy Duty – The product family

Thanks to their special HD-Safety-Lock™ construction the Sendix Heavy Duty devices are an extremely rugged incremental family of encoders that are offered in a wide variety of models:
shaft, hollow shaft, with mechanical speed switch, as double encoder and with optical fibre module interface.
With their wide choice of connection options and fixing solutions, the encoders of the Sendix Heavy Duty family can be used in numerous application areas.

The Sendix Heavy Duty family at a glance

Sendix H100

Sendix Heavy Duty H100 H100 H100
Incremental shaft encoder Incremental shaft encoder with mechanical speed switch Incremental double shaft encoder

Sendix H120

Sendix Heavy Duty H120 Sendix Heavy Duty H120 Durchgehende Hohlwelle  
Incremental hollow shaft encoder Incremental hollow shaft encoder for connection to optical fibre modules  

A wide variety of versions for every installation situation

Fixing solutions H100

EURO RE0444 Flansch Welle ø 11 x 30 mm mit Passfederverbindung EURO RE0444 flange
Shaft ø 11 x 30 mm with feather key fitting

Fixing solutions H120

Sendix Heavy Duty H120 Konus-Hohlwelle mit Zentralbefestigung

Tapered hollow shaft 1:10
with central fixing – for highly accurate direct connection to the application shaft.

Sendix Heavy Duty H120 Zylindrische Sacklochhohlwelle

Cylindrical blind hollow shaft
Ø 12 mm or 16 mm with central fixing – the standard mounting solution for generators.

Sendix Heavy Duty H120 Durchgehende Hohlwelle

Through hollow shaft
from Ø 16 mm to 28 mm – the flexible mounting solution for all cases.

H100 Befestigungsarm Fastening arm
70, 100 or 150 mm
H100 Klemmkasten-Anschluss Stator coupling

Connection options H100

Terminal box connection
with plug-in spring terminal connectors (connection cover rotatable through 180°)

Connection options H120

H120 Kabelanschluss Cable connection
for space-saving mounting – the economical solution
H120 Steckeranschluss Plug-in connectors
for fast and error-free connection of the encoder
H120 Klemmkasten Terminal box connection
with plug-in spring terminal connectors (connection cover rotatable through 180°)
H120 Klemmkasten Optical fibre connection
highest degree of security, even over very long distances

Technologies for the heavy industry

Innovations from tradition. Kübler products benefit from 50 years experience in automation engineering. Over the years they have undergone ongoing development and been optimised for use in the heavy industry. Small details make a big difference. Our products feature many intelligent, high-quality extras, which offer our customers decisive advantages, whilst at the same time making a significant contribution to the high availability and safety of the machines.

Optical Multiturn Technology

100 percent resistant to magnetic fields - extremely compact design. Even strong magnetic fields, as occur in the vicinity of brakes or drive motors, pose no problems for the sensor technology of optical single- or multiturn devices. The technology dispenses with any components that may be susceptible to magnetic influences. As a result of the proven drive, the encoder has no need of a battery to store the number of revolutions.

Insensitive to interference: OptoASICs

The resistant Kübler OptoASIC technology offers a very high integration density of components. This means that, on the one hand, the reliability in the application can be increased significantly, and on the other hand the technology demonstrates quality EMC characteristics and shock resistance.

Well protected against dust and moisture

The sturdy, thick-walled die-cast housing of the Sendix encoders is press-fit stemmed several times on the encoder flange. The high protection level and the wide temperature range from -40°C to +90°C allow a safe outdoor operation. The die-cast housing is fitted with an extremely resistant base, on which the connector flange is screwed with four screws.

High temperatures

High heat resistance - combined with high rotational speeds - make the Sendix encoders the optimal solution for all applications in a high temperature environment. Also the used seals, cables and connectors withstand extreme temperatures.

Shock and vibration resistant

Kübler encoders avoid serious, expensive failures right from the start - even with increased levels of axial loading, shock and vibration. This can eliminate enormous service costs and expensive downtimes in applications worldwide.

Sea-water resistant versions

Although it has already proved itself in harsh environments, the Sendix family of devices has now been tested and certified to IEC 68-2-11 for resistance to the effects of salt-spray over a period of up to 672 hours - the highest test level. The high certification level for the Sendix encoders attests a high level of corrosion resistance.


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