SIL2/PLd and SIL3/PLe approved encoders

SIL Drehgeber

Safety is - not least since the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG - an "integral part of the construction of drives".
When choosing the right encoder for functional safety the principle applies that safety is achieved through the intelligent combination of encoder, controller and actuator.

Sendix SSI absolute encoders, with an additional SinCos incremental output, and SinCos versions of incremental encoders are available with certification.
But safety goes further than this: safe components are characterised by a robust reliable interface and by the ability to cope with high mechanical and electronic loads.

Encoders for Functional Safety

SIL Drehgeber

Safe Incremental Encoder Function

In order to achieve safe incremental information with the encoder, the controller must monitor the validity of the analogue, 90° phase-shifted sine/cosine signals with the help of the function: sin² + cos² = 1

Safe Absolute Encoder Function

In order to obtain safe information with the encoder regarding the absolute position, the controller counts the incremental pulses and compares the result with the absolute positions also provided by the encoder.

Safe mechanical connection

A 100% reliable mechanical connection is required for a safe function in the applications. Suitably sturdy fixing elements can help eliminate the risk of faults.

Multitalented device

Absolute encoder with incremental sine/cosine signals, multiturn stage and integrated functional safety.

Drive control using incremental sine and cosine signals is a tried-and-tested technology with a number of advantages. The high interpolatability of the analogue sine and cosine signals, with more than 1 million steps per revolution, allows for precise control of both slow turning as well as highly dynamic drives.

Combined with the high resolution and very accurate position information provided by the absolute encoder, all the data necessary for a precisely controlled motor start-up with an encoder is available. Furthermore, the multiturn sensor technology permits position control over a wide range.

And finally, the high information content of the signals - all independent of one another - forms the basis for a sensor with high functional safety.

Incremental encoders with Sin/Cos outputs

Sendix 5814 FS2 / 5814 FS3 and Sendix 5834 FS2 / 5834 FS3
The incremental position of the encoder family 58x4 is provided in the form of an analogue sine/cosine signal; here the resolution per revolution is 1024 or 2048 sine/cosine periods.

Additional features:

  • With protected Safety Lock™ Technology: interlocked bearings for a high degree of ruggedness, accuracy and long service life.
  • Protection rating IP65 or IP67
  • Magnetically insensitive due to optical scanning

Absolute encoders single and multiturn with SSI and Sin/Cos outputs

Sendix absolut singelturn 5853 FS2 / 5853 FS3 and 5873 FS2 / 5873 FS3,
Sendix absolut multiturn 5863 FS2 / 5863 FS3 and 5883 FS2 / 5883 FS3

The absolute position of the encoder family 58x3 is transmitted in the form of a digital SSI or BiSS-C data word.
With the singleturn variants 5853 and 5873 the resolution is between 10 bits and 17 bits, depending on the variant. In contrast to the singleturn variants 5853 / 5873, the multiturn variants 5863 / 5883 have in addition a gear for detecting positions greater than 360°. The maximum measurable number of revolutions is 12 bits. This thus gives a total resolution for the multiturn of up to 29 bits.
The incremental position is provided in the form of an analogue sine/cosine signal. The resolution per revolution is 2048 sine/cosine periods.

Additional features:

  • Interlocked bearings for a high degree of ruggedness, accuracy and long service life.
  • Protection rating IP65 or IP67
  • Magnetically insensitive due to optical scanning

ATEX encoders for Functional Safety

Sendix 7014 FS2 / 7014 FS3, 7053 FS2 / 7053 FS3 and 7063 FS2 / 7063 FS3
EX protection and Functional Safety in one device. The Sendix encoders Sendix 7014, 7053 and 7063 can be used in safety-relevant applications up to SIL3 according to DIN EN ISO 61800-5-2 or PLe according to DIN EN ISO13849

Sendix 7014 FS2 / Sendix 7014 FS3 - Incremental encoder (SinCos)
Sendix 7053 FS2 / Sendix 7053 FS3 - Absolute singleturn encoder (SSI, BiSS-C and SinCos)
Sendix 7063 FS2 / Sendix 7063 FS3 - Absolute multiturn encoder (SSI, BiSS-C and SinCos)

The Sendix ATEX encoders with "flameproof enclosure" are approved for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.
The shock and vibration-resistant encoders operate flexibly with a resolution of up 29 bits. With a protection level of IP67, a wide temperature range from -40°C to +60°C and a housing and flange out of seawater-resistant aluminium, they are best suitable for outdoor offshore or coastal applications.
The compact design, with its installation depth of only 145 mm, diameter of 70 mm and space-saving cable outlet, rounds off the flexible, diverse application possibilities in areas with explosion hazards.


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