System solutions for Functional Safety

Just safe single components do not ensure a safe global application. Only the optimal combination of safety sensors and safety monitoring modules brings about reliable solutions, which will meet the necessary safety requirements.
The optimal combination of Kübler's Safety-M modules and Sendix SIL encoders allows an easy implementation of a safe drive monitoring system.

Safe motion / position monitoring with Sendix SIL encoders and Safety-M modules

Safe motion monitoring / 1 axis Absolute Sendix SIL encoder + Safety-MSP1 module

Safe motion monitoring / 2 axes 2 x Incremental Sendix SIL encoder + Safety-MS2 module + BM extension module for bus communication

Connection possibilities of the Safety-M modules


Achievable safety functions up to SIL3 / PLe:

Abbreviation Designation Function
Safe Stop 1 or 2

Monitoring of the braking ramp and switch-off of the motor after standstill (SS1) or monitoring of the braking ramp and SOS after standstill (SS2). Corresponds to Stop Category 1 or 2 according to DIN EN 60204-1.

SOS Safe Operating Stop

Monitoring of the standstill of the active motor.

SLA Safely Limited Acceleration

Monitoring of the exceeding of an acceleration limit value.

SLS Safely Limited Speed

Monitoring of a speed limit value.

SLT Safely Limited Torque

Monitoring of a torque / force limit value.

SLP Safely Limited Position

The exceeding of a position limit value is monitored.

SEL Safe Emergency Limit

Safe monitoring of the minimum and maximum position or of the allowed position range. Optional monitoring of the speed/position limit curve for minimising the worst-case travel path.

SLI Safely Limited Increment

The respect of a specific step value during motion is monitored.

SDI Safe Direction

Monitoring of the unintended direction of motion of the motor.

SBC Safe Brake Control

Safe control and monitoring of an external brake.

SCA Safe Cam A safe output signal is generated when the motor position is in a specified range.
SSM Safe Speed Monitor

A safe output signal is generated when the motor speed is lower than a specified value.

SAR Safe Acceleration Range

Monitoring of the respect of the acceleration of the motor within specified limit values.

ECS Encoder Status

Error status of the speed / position sensor.

PDM Position Deviation Muting Muting of the deviation monitoring in case of 2-sensor operation.


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