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Encoders Incremental


  • with reference signal
  • Wear-free
  • Space and cost savings
  • Contactless
  • 3.600 ppr incremental
  • Max 35 mm hollow shaft, through
  • Max 1" hollow shaft, through
TTL / RS422

Bearingless encoder for shaft diameter up to 35 mm.

The RLI50 bearingless encoder with reference signal, consisting of magnetic ring and sensor head, with its installation depth of only 16 mm is ideally suited for confined installation possibilities. Its contactless measuring principle enables error-free operation even under adverse environmental conditions and a long service life.
IP68 / IP69k protection, special encapsulation technology, and tested resistance to cyclic humidity and heat provide maximum reliability even in unprotected outdoor use.
This bearingless encoder can be mounted on shafts up to max. 35 mm diameter.

Shaft type 6 mm hollow shaft, through
8 mm hollow shaft, through
10 mm hollow shaft, through
12 mm hollow shaft, through
15 mm hollow shaft, through
20 mm hollow shaft, through
25 mm hollow shaft, through
30 mm hollow shaft, through
35 mm hollow shaft, through
5/8 " hollow shaft, through
1 " hollow shaft, through
Working temperature -20 °C ... +80 °C
Protection level IP67
Connection types Radial cable
Max. rotational speed 12.000 min-1
Weight 200 g
Scanning magnetic
Resolution max. 3.600 ppr incremental
Power supply 4,8...26 V DC
4,8...30 V DC
Interfaces Gegentakt
TTL / RS422
Hard-wearing and robust
  • High shock and vibration resistance.
  • Sturdy housing with IP67 protection. Option: special housing for maximum resistance against condensation (IP68 / IP69k, resistance to cyclic humidity acc. to EN 60068-3-38 as well as damp heat acc. to EN 60068-3-78).
  • Non-contact measuring system, free from wear, ensures a long service life.
Fast start-up
  • Function display via LED.
  • Large mounting tolerance between magnetic band and sensor head.
  • Requires very little installation space.
  • Slotted hole fixing ensures simple alignment.
Data sheet


PDF ∼ 714,0 KB | 08.2021
Installation manual

LI20, LI50, RLI20, RLI50

PDF ∼ 329,5 KB | 12.2016

Safety characteristics


Multilingual: German, English
PDF ∼ 194,2 KB | 06.2019

Declaration of conformity

LI20 / RI20 / RLI20 / RLI200 / LI50 / RI50 / RLI50 / RLI500

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 353,6 KB | 05.2017

Mechanical CAD / STEP


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Electronic CAD / ePlan


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Safety instructions for magnetic rings

Multilingual: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
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