Solar Energy

Kübler products for solar energy. Rugged and reliable.

Solar plants will be more and more a constant element of our infrastructure and environment. Not only the thousands of photo-voltaic elements already visible on the roof of many houses worldwide, but also the impressive solar fields of hundreds of heliostats placed in wide and uninhabited areas too, producing hundreds of megawatts by converting the sun's energy into hightemperature heat using different mirror configurations.

Encoders and other measuring systems used for the control of the mirrors must withstand a variety of harsh environmental challenges. The key-factor is the continuous and efficient operation of the plants. Downtimes, poor operating performance and replacements cause not only waste of time but are a sensitive cost-efficiency factor.

The Kübler Group manufactures its products with the goal to withstand the toughest environmental challenges. Rugged construction and innovative technologies combine to give reliable performance to the installation and assure efficiency in the energy generation process.


Elevation and azimuth position control

The Sendix rotary encoders have been specially designed for outdoor applications with their compact die-cast housing technology, wide temperature range (from -40°C to 85°C) and high IP protection rate of up to IP67.
They can be used in stand-alone systems or can be integrated into drives. Heliostats in particular demand high precision and therefore the optical Sendix encoders are the best option for this type of application.
The Sendix family offers all types of interfaces - incremental, SSI, BISS-C or all common Fieldbus protocols - depending on the automation network.


Sendix 5000 / 5020 incremental encoders

  • Sturdy bearing Safety-Lock™ Design
  • Optical accuracy and resolution up to 5000 PPR
  • Compact and tough die-cast housing
  • Large range of mounting and installation solutions
  • IP67 and operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Mechanical identification of the Z-Pulse possible
The tough Safety-Lock™ bearing design ensures a long service life and high resistance to shock and vibration. The robust housing design and the wide temperature range ensure reliability outdoors. Whether installed into the drive or as a stand-alone system, the Sendix encoders offer a rugged and accurate measuring system for elevation and azimuth angles.
The Z-Pulse (zero pulse) mechanical identification allows the reference position to be found immediately during the installation.

Sendix 585x / 587x absolute singleturn encoders

  • Sturdy bearing Safety-Lock™ Design
  • Accurate optical scanning, insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Up to 17 bits singleturn and 12 bits multiturn resolution
  • Many standard interfaces, others on request
  • IP67 and operating temperature range from -40°C to +85°C
  • Simple diagnostics
The tough Safety-Lock™ bearing design ensures a long service life and high resistance to shock and vibration. The robust housing design and the wide temperature range ensure reliability outdoors. Easy handling thanks to external SET button and diagnostic LED. The wide number of interfaces available allows installation with any PLC type.

Angular position control of parabolic trough systems

The measurement of the angular position of parabolic trough systems can be carried out using robust and simple magnetic encoders or with inclinometers, depending on the installation space available.
For installation directly on the shaft, the standard Sendix magnetic rotary encoders can be used. The Limes system with customized magnetic bands is the solution for applications with very restricted installation space. Inclinometers offer the easiest installation directly on the panel.


IS inclinometers

  • Extremely compact and robust construction
  • Measurement of 1 or 2 dimensions
  • Configurable measuring ranges on request
  • Zero point adjustment
  • Insensitive to magnetic disturbances
  • Analogue or CANopen interface; other interfaces on request
Absolute measuring gives unique position reference along the whole tracking movement. The housing design ensures long service life in outdoor use. Easy installation and flexible use thanks to the different interfaces.

Limes: linear measuring systems

  • Very robust system, with extreme shock and vibration loadings
  • Max. IP69k protection rate with encapsulated electronics
  • Very small amount of installation space needed
  • Index-Pulse reference available on the magnetic band
  • LED to check alignment on the band without instruments
  • Withstands cyclic humidity according to moisture test as per EN60068-3-38, and damp heat test as per EN60068-3-78
  • Custom-designed bands or rings
The Limes LI20/LI50 fulfils the requirements for CSP - parabolic trough installations. Small dimensions and non-contact sensor technology make it a flexible measuring system. Custom design for optimal integration. The index pulse available on the magnetic band allows for fast position recovery after downtime or maintenance.

Sendix 36: magnetic singleturn encoders

  • Robust housing technology with Sensor Protect™ system with encapsulated electronics
  • IP69K and wide temperature range from -40°C to + 85°C
  • High shock (> 500 g) and vibration resistance (> 30 g)
  • Up to 12 bits singleturn resolution
  • Interfaces: analogue 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V, CANopen, SSI
  • Configurable measuring range and output characteristics on request
Absolute measuring gives unique position reference along the whole tracking movement. The housing design ensures long service life in outdoor use.
Easy implementation with different interfaces. Easy installation and troubleshooting with detection LED.

Customized motion and control systems

With our OPS department we offer complete control or motion solutions for your application. With our network of strategic partners we cover all aspects of the automation chain for solar applications.

We propose specific measuring systems, integrated drives, digital and analogue feedback systems up to complete motion systems.

Customer specific solutions
Complete system with motor, gears and controller from a single source specially designed for your application. Benefit from our wide experience in outdoor applications.
We offer you: Intelligent bus-compatible drives systems, Custom-designed compact drives, Integration of the firmware into the application control.

Kübler Design System
The Kübler Design System is a method approach to your solution.
Working together with your engineering team and ours, we will develop a customized solution with components designed solely for outdoor applications. We are your partner from the initial analysis of the requirement through to the final industrialisation.

Our services for your project: Analysis / Design, Prototype and approvals with on-site technical assistance, Industrialisation and logistical service adapted to the specific needs of solar projects.


Technologies for solar energy

Innovations come from experience. Kübler products benefit from 50 years experience in automation engineering.

Over the years they have undergone ongoing development and been optimised for use in drives, in outdoor and offshore applications and not least in solar energy.

Small details make a big difference. Our products feature many intelligent, high-quality extras, which offer our customers technical advantages which give a significant contribution to the availability of the plant and reduction of downtimes.

  • Safety-Lock™
  • Seawater resistant
  • Sendix M36 – magnetic encoders
  • Sturdy housing technology for outdoor use
  • Limes – magnetic system for outdoor use
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Insensitive to interference: OptoASICs