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"Our intelligent solutions for automation are setting the pace for a fully digital industry and more sustainable production worldwide."


"Each and every one of us is an ambassador for our company. We shape the progress
of our customers in close personal cooperation worldwide. Fast, simple and highly competent in finding solutions, we thus create unique added value for our customers.
We are leaders in our core industries and at the forefront of technology."


In everything we do or decide, we are always guided by our values. They ensure identification and create a sense of togetherness. They provide guidance in
critical situations and motivate us to go an extra mile when the situation calls for it.
They help us to stand out positively from the competition.
Comprehensive information and constructive exchange of opinions ensure a functioning basis of trust between management, executives, employees and customers. Trust is created through experienced reliability. In everything we do, we are reliable – we get things done. We comply with agreed rules and commitments to customers, partners and colleagues. We are honest. We respond promptly and concretely. Follow-up should not be necessary.
Each of us takes responsibility. We expect and encourage our employees to take personal responsibility and support those who exemplify this. We approach things actively and make  courageous decisions, even in the face of risks. Mistakes sometimes happen – yet we learn from them. We value pragmatic decision-making and action. Both are often more important than following rules for their own sake. In the same way, assertiveness is often more effective than an  unconditional need for harmony. Celebrating success is important to us and makes us proud. We motivate each other to do so. Yet, we remain humble and start each day with the determination to get better.
Showing empathy, we treat each other as partners – in a spirit of respect and fairness. At all levels. We listen and let each other finish what we have to say. We take the concerns of our employees seriously. Our employees and business partners come from many countries and different cultures. We welcome this as enrichment. Every one of us is open, unprejudiced and cooperative toward other cultures, origins, genders and religions. We actively oppose discrimination and exclusion. We  promote diversity and equality for women and the others mentioned above.
We communicate problems and backgrounds openly and honestly, comprehensibly and clearly. What we say is consistent with what we do. In our dealings with each other, we give each other timely, open and honest feedback – and take this seriously. There is no progress without change. Our employees are open to constant change in their daily practice and see this as an opportunity and a necessity for personal development and securing the company. We approach new ideas and different ways with an open mindset.