Drive Technology

Reliable and economical total encoder solutions for drive technology.

Kübler has been highly successful in drive engineering for many years and counts internationally important businesses amongst its clientele. Along with excellent product quality, this sector demands a high degree of flexibility, a rapid response and service on a global scale. Kübler fully lives up to these expectations.

Product diversity & Quality: we guarantee our absolute and incremental encoders with their high shaft load capacity by the use of, for example, the sturdy bearing construction with Safety-Lock™, the 100 % magnetic field resistant optical technologies and by a remarkably compact product design.

The mechanical interface is often the deciding path to success: Kübler possesses the expertise and experience when it comes to essential details such as torque arms and mounting solutions for optimal integration of the encoders into the drives. We have been particularly successful with geared motors in developing a method of mounting the encoder under the fan cowl, which is both safe and cost-effective.

At the forefront of technology: Our innovations include encoders for Functional Safety with SIL3 approval, EX protection, encoders with total magnetic insensitivity, as well as purely optical encoders with a mechanical gear or with an electronic gear.

Kübler Design System: Kübler "KDS" is our structured method for converting – step-by-step – your requirements, with respect to quality and to a reduction in costs and number of models, into a product solution. Our goal is to provide tailor-made systems, customised to your requirements.

Encoder with BiSS interface
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An encoder for all power ranges.
An encoder for your servomotors.


Technologies for Drive Engineering

Technologien Innovations from tradition. Kübler products benefit from 50 years experience in automation technology. Over time they have been further developed for use in drive engineering.

Small details make a big difference. Our products feature many intelligent top-quality extras and offer our customers key benefits. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to the high availability and safety of the machines.

  • Optical encoder technology
    Optische Sensorik Magnetfest
  • 100 percent resistant to magnetic fields – extremely compact design. Even strong magnetic fields, as occur in the vicinity of brakes or drive motors, pose no problems for the sensor technology of optical encoders.
    The technology dispenses with any components that may be susceptible to magnetic influences and allows for high scanning rates. The multiturn gear module – developed from special materials – is effective thanks to its double bearing layer and the specially developed gear teeth, resistant against wear, and can be used for high speeds up to 9000 rpm. As a result of the proven drive, the encoder has no need of a battery to store the number of revolutions.

  • Insensitive to interference: OptoASICs
  • The resistant Kübler OptoASIC technology offers a very high integration density of components.

    This means that, on the one hand, the reliability in the application can be increased significantly, and on the other hand the technology demonstrates quality EMC characteristics and shock resistance.

  • Wide temperature range
  • High heat resistance – combined with high rotational speeds – make the Kübler Sendix encoders the optimal solution for all applications in a high temperature environment.

    Also the seals, cables and connectors used withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Electrical interfaces
    SinCos SSI BiSS
  • Kübler encoders boast a wide variety of interfaces. Along with incremental interfaces such as TTL / HTL and SinCos there are also absolute interfaces such as SSI and BiSS-C.

    Absolute encoders with field bus interfaces such as CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherCAT are also available. The outputs and supply voltage are short-circuit protected.

  • Approvals
    EX Schutz
  • All encoders from the Kübler company carry the CE mark and are tested for electromagnetic compatibility and immunity to interference.

    As an option, our products can be UL approved. Many of our products are available on request with EX approval for explosion protection zones 2 and 22 or as product variants for zones 1 and 21.

    Certified Functional Safety: this permits simple implementation of applications for the protection of personnel.
    Kübler is active worldwide and considers the protection of the environment as a corporate obligation. Our product range complies with the RoHS directive.

  • Robust bearings
    Saeftylock HD Safetylock
  • Kübler encoders boast a very sturdy and robust bearing construction, brought together under the term Safety-Lock™.
    Encoders with Safety-Lock™ have positive interlocked bearings with a large bearing span and special mounting technology. This means they are able to tolerate installation errors as well as large shaft loads, as can occur as a result of temperature expansion or vibration.

    A further development of this technology is employed in the Sendix Heavy-Duty encoders (HD-Safety-Lock™).
    Encoders are available for use in drive engineering that will operate reliably at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm.

  • Shaft isolation
  • Even well-earthed machine housings and rotors of generators and large motors carry a shaft current on the rotor.

    The equipotential bonding from the rotor to the stator via the encoder bearings leads to spark erosion and can damage the encoder. This can be remedied by isolating the encoder bearings. Isolating inserts can be used with all Sendix compact encoders. The Sendix H120, for example, has a fully integrated and isolated bearing construction and is tested to a breakdown voltage of 2.5 kV.

  • Simple / fast installation
    Steckbare Klemmleiste Einfache Installation
  • Innovative connection technology with plug-in spring terminal connectors allows for fast, safe installation without tools.
    Maximum connection safety with minimal connection times.

  • Housing geometry
    Kabelfuehrung Baugroesse Hohlwelle
  • The compact design dimensions specially conceived for drive engineering as well as the very compact connector solution permit optimal integration on/under fan cowls. The tangential cable outlet, for example, is ideal where installation space is tight. The through hollow shaft of the Kübler encoders leaves ample clearance for other motor options, even behind the encoder. In order to ensure the easiest possible mounting onto the motor, various mounting options are available for both solid shaft and hollow shaft variants, including, for example, clamping flanges, stator couplings and tether arms.

  • Hardened down to the last detail
    Doppelter Wellenschutz Vibrationsfest
  • The durable construction that comes as standard, permits high shock and vibration values; these are both tested and certified. The values are extremely important in drive engineering, as the potential applications for the motors are highly diverse. Dual seal protection on the shaft side, for example with the Sendix H120, offers increased protection against dust and humidity for harsh operating conditions.

  • High protection level / seawater resistant
    Hohe Schutzart Seewasserfest
  • A high protection level is achieved as a result of the integrated radial shaft seal. This, together with the wide temperature range and the bearing technology, ensures outdoor use is possible without problems. Many versions of the Sendix family of devices have now been tested and certified to IEC 68-2-11 for resistance to the effects of salt-spray over a period of up to 672 hours – the highest test level. The high certification level for the Sendix encoders attests a high level of corrosion resistance.

Asynchronous motors

Asynchronous motors are the all-rounders amongst electrical drives.
For every requirement there is a drive and for every drive there is a suitable Kübler encoder.

Whether as a fan motor in a small 63 size, or as a geared motor in a 225 size, asynchronous motors place special demands on encoders, above all when it comes to mechanical and electrical ruggedness.

Because of their robust technology Sendix encoders prove themselves, especially in harsh environmental conditions.


Application-specific requirements

Encoders for Drive Technology

Incremental Encoders
Sendix 5000 / 5020

Absolute encoder family: Sendix 58
Sendix 5853 / Sendix 5873
Sendix 5858 / Sendix 5878
Sendix 5863 / Sendix 5883
Sendix 5868 / Sendix 5888

Absolute encoder family: Sendix F36 and Sendix F58
Sendix F3653 / Sendix F3673
Sendix F3663 / Sendix F3683
Sendix F5863 / Sendix F5883

Large motors / Generators

A tough nut. Accurate speed information is an important measurement for the control loop of a plant. Measuring systems that supply this information are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions but must not suffer any loss of reliability.
Kübler incremental encoders can handle strong vibration or extreme variations in temperature without any problem. Here, their wide-ranging mounting options guarantee easy, safe installation.
Kübler offers the complete range of solutions, from the extremely rugged Sendix Heavy Duty through to the compact, bearing-free Limes encoder systems.


Application-specific requirements

Encoders for Drive Technology

Incremental Encoders
Sendix 5821
Sendix A020 / A02H
Sendix H100 / H120
Limes LI50 / RI50

Synchronous motors

The family of synchronous motors includes very small motors, as well as stepper motors, dynamic servo motors and very powerful gearless drives.
Stepper motors are very small drives for lower performance ranges. Kübler encoders are perfect for these applications because of their compact size and design.
Servo motors are drives for high precision and dynamics with permanent magnet technology and very compact size and design.
Gearless drives are used, wherever gear reduction can be dispensed with by optimising the direct chain. Gearless drives have a very high number of poles and in consequence a slow final speed with very high torque levels.



Application-specific requirements

Encoders for Drive Technology

Encoders for stepper motors
Sendix 2400 / 2420
Sendix 2430 / 2440
Sendix 3610 / 3620
Sendix 3700 / 3720

Encoders for dynamic servo motors
Sendix 2450 / 2470
Sendix F3653 / F3673

Encoders for gearless drives
Sendix 5863
Sendix 5873

Explosion protection - ATEX

In hazardous areas encoders must comply with special protective regulations, as even the smallest spark can have very serious consequences.
Positioning tasks occur in many hazardous environments – whether in mining, in the chemical industry or also in oil production.
Especially for those applications that require absolute position values, Kübler offers the Sendix absolute encoders with ATEX approval. The singleturn and multiturn ATEX encoders with "flameproof-enclosure" housings are approved for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 and certified by the PTB (German national metrology institute) according to the ATEX guidelines and IEC EX standards.

Incremental Encoders
Sendix 7030 / 7014 FS2 / 7014 FS3

Absolute Encoders Singleturn
Sendix 7053 / 7058 / 7053 FS2 / 7053 FS3

Absolute Encoders Multiturn
Sendix 7063 / 7068 / 7063 FS2 / 7063 FS3

Functional Safety Technology

Safety is – not least since the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – an "integral part of the construction of drives".

When choosing the right encoder for functional safety the principle applies that safety is achieved through the intelligent combination of encoder, controller and actuator. But safety goes further than this: safe components are characterised by a robust reliable interface and by the ability to cope with high mechanical and electronic loads. Both Sendix SIL encoders with SSI absolute and additional SinCos interface and also the SinCos version of the incremental encoders have been certified up to SIL3 by the German Institute for Occupational Safety (IFA).

Incremental SinCos Encoders
Sendix 5814 FS2 / 5814 FS3 (shaft)
Sendix 5834 FS2 / 5834 FS3 (hollow shaft)

Absolute Singleturn SSI / SinCos Encoders
Sendix 5853 FS2 / 5853 FS3 (shaft)
Sendix 5873 FS2 / 5873 FS3 (hollow shaft)

Absolute Multiturn SSI / SinCos Encoders
Sendix 5863 FS2 / 5863 FS3 (shaft)
Sendix 5883 FS2 / 5883 FS3 (hollow shaft)

Encoder interfaces


Encoders have various tasks to fulfil in drive engineering.
One of the most frequent tasks is to supply information concerning speed, for better control of the motor using a frequency inverter.
For this type of speed control motor feedback is necessary, which is suitable for improving the speed quality and the control response. As a rule a SinCos or TTL/HTL signal is used for this purpose.

A further task is the positioning of the drive. This can occur both incrementally as well as absolutely. For dynamic control with synchronous motors, feedback of the rotor position within a revolution is necessary. Singleturn absolute encoders with a BiSS-C or SSI interface are used to achieve this.

Overview of interfaces for motor feedback

BiSS-C interface

SSI interface

Fixing and connection solutions

Perfect integration into the drive can only be successful if an optimal connection of the encoder to the motor is made.

For the rotating motor shaft and motor housing Kübler offers a wide choice of standard fixing and connection options, with which the desired encoder variants can be combined in a modular design principle. In addition to this individual, customised solutions can be worked out.

More accessories.
More connection solutions.


Fixing on the motor housing

Fixing to the motor shaft

Connection solutions

Accessories connection technology

Optimal sensor solution thanks to customer-specific development

The ideal sensor for your drive – that is our goal: for simple, fast and error-free mounting – highest reliability of the signals – long service life and minimum costs. During development of customer-specific solutions Kübler focuses on 3 principles:

  • Lean Design (coordinating the materials and functionality to the application)
  • Design to Cost (aliging development to target costs)
  • Cost of Ownership (fast installation, simple maintenance, long service life)

kundenspezifische Entwicklungen

Fixing solutions

Connection solutions

Protection concepts

Advantages of customised integrated drive solutions