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Codix 564 Codix 564 Codix 564
Codix 564 Codix 564 Codix 564

Temperature controllers electronic

Codix 564

  • Measuring rate of 10 measurements/second
  • Inputs and outputs galvanically isolated
  • Optional analog output
  • Dimension
    · 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
  • Power supply:
      · 10...30 V DC
  • Display 6-digit number, LED
Analog 0–10 V

Temperature controller – Monitors and controls 2 limits.

The temperature controller Codix 564 displays temperature values in high resolution. In addition it can monitor and control 2 limit values. All current temperature sensors, such as thermocouple types B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T, as well as mV inputs, Pt100 and resistance inputs, can be connected to the device. These fast displays set new standards when it comes to user friendliness. Their easy-to-read 14-segment LED display, easy-to-understand running help texts and a practical quick-start guide eliminate the need to wade through time-consuming full instruction manuals. With optional analogue output.

Model electronic
Function Temperature displays
Dimension 1 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Weight 180 g

(1) Front panel size | Panel cut-out
Power supply 10...30 V DC
Signal input Widerstand 0...500 Ω
Thermoelemente B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T
+/-100 mV
Signal output Analog 0...10 V
Analog 0...20 mA
Analog 2...10 V
Analog 4–20 mA
2 x Relais
  • Practical quick-start guide for setting the parameters and operating the device
  • Help text as running text
  • Easy-to-read 14-segment LED, 6-digit display, 14 mm high
  • Simple programming via 4 keys on the front
  • One front key as well as 2 additional inputs can be programmed for specific applications
  • Characteristic curves for thermocouples and RTD permanently stored
  • MIN/MAX memory function, individually resettable

  • Sampling rate of 10 readings per second
  • Customised linearization via 12 control points
  • 2 relay outputs (changeover contacts) for limit monitoring  with hysteresis and ON/OFF delay function
  • Analogue output for the current measured value, MIN-value, MAX-value
  • Auxiliary sensor power supply with AC version
  • Inputs and outputs galvanically isolated
  • Digital filter (first-order) for smoothing display fluctuations with unstable input signals
Data sheet

Codix 564

PDF ∼ 1,2 MB | 02.2022
Operation Manual

Codix 564

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 14,2 MB | 11.2020

Codix 56x - Supplement analog output Codix 56x

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 1,4 MB | 02.2012

Declaration of conformity

Codix 564 / 565 / 566

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 103,4 KB | 04.2022

Electronic CAD / ePlan

Codix 564

ZIP ∼ 2,5 MB | 03.2021

Product Certificates

UL Canada - Counters and process devices

PDF ∼ 78,6 KB | 01.2019

UL USA - Counters and process devices

PDF ∼ 76,1 KB | 01.2019


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