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Codix 560 Codix 560 Codix 560
Codix 560 Codix 560 Codix 560

Preset counter electronic

Codix 560

  • 2 relays (changer)
  • Set value, steps, or trailing presets
  • Interface for PC (Modbus), large display, or printer optional
  • Dimension
    · 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
  • Power supply:
      · 100...240 (± 10%) V AC
      · 10...30 V DC
  • Display 6-digit number, LED

Preset counter – counter, tachometer, hour meters / timers and position display in one device.

The large multi-function preset counter Codix 560 guides the user through the programming with automatic help texts on a large 14-segment LED display, making it easy to understand. Clear cursor keys simplify operation. The large front keys are easy to operate even when wearing gloves.
The 14 mm high LED display makes it easy to read even from a distance and in poor lighting conditions.

New: Now also available with RS232/485 interface with MODBUS and CR/LF protocol.

Model Multifunction device electronic
Functions Multifunction devices
Frequency display
Time preset counter
Short-time meter
Tachometer with limit values
Position displays with limit values
Dimension 1 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Weight 180 g
Reset electronic

(1) Front panel size | Panel cut-out
Power supply 100...240 (± 10%) V AC
10...30 V DC
Signal input NPN
Signal output RS232
2 x Relais
Interfaces Modbus
Printer CR/LF
  • Counter, tachometer, timer and position display inone device
  • Can be used as preset counter, batch counter or total counter
  • 2 relays (change-over)
  • Many different count modes
  • Scalable display
  • Set value, step or tracking preset
  • Multi-range power supply for AC or DC
  • Readable or configurable via RS232/485 interface via MODBUS or CR/LF protocol
  • Allows direct connection of a large display or printer
  • Automatic help texts, displayed in German and English
  • 14-segment LED for improved text representation
  • Status display of the presets
  • 3 predefined parameters
  • Tracking presets eliminate the need for reprogramming of the pre-signal
  • Minimum installation depth
  • 4-stage RESET modes
  • 3-stage keypad locking
  • Suitable for installation in mosaic systems
Data sheet

Codix 560

PDF ∼ 1,4 MB | 02.2022
Operation Manual

Codix 560

Multilingual: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 12,5 MB | 04.2020

Codix 560 - Modbus, CR/LF (Supplement)

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 3,6 MB | 01.2012

Programming instruction

Codix 560

PDF ∼ 160,4 KB | 11.2012
Declaration of conformity

Codix 560

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 107,4 KB | 04.2022

Electronic CAD / ePlan

Codix 560

ZIP ∼ 1,9 MB | 03.2021

Product Certificates

UL Canada - Counters and process devices

PDF ∼ 78,6 KB | 01.2019

UL USA - Counters and process devices

PDF ∼ 76,1 KB | 01.2019


Enclosure, 48x96

Enclosure, 48x96

For the installation of all equipment with the DIN 48x96mm dimensions. To attach the device on a DIN rail.
Data sheet
Mounting frame

Cables and connectors

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