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Solutions for elevator technology

Reach your destination safely and precisely
  • Absolute positioning of the elevator car
    with shaft copy systems up to SIL3
  • Optimal control of the drive with encoders
  • Global presence – in over 50 countries
  • Many years of experience in the field of elevator technology
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High level of reliability and optimal driving comfort with encoders and shaft copy systems.

Elevators are among the safest means of transport in the world. Over one billion people trust this technology to quickly and, above all, safely reach their destination comfortably. Sensors play an important role here. Drive and control manufacturers and elevator builders have been using Kübler products for years. Encoders and bearingless encoders for optimally controlling the drive as well as shaft copy systems for absolute positioning of the elevator car are in use around the world in countless elevators. So you too can trust our sensors and our many years of experience. When will you choose Kübler?

Shaft copying systems
Absolute and safe positioning of the elevator car. Safety functions according to EN 81-20/21/50 can be realized.
Encoders for Gearless Drives
Encoders for gearless motors
The high-resolution singleturn encoder is available for optimal drive control.
Encoders for Geared Motors
Encoders for geared motors
Speed measuring with robust incremental encoders for shaft diameters up to 42 mm.
Bearingless Encoders for External Rotor Motors
Bearingless encoders for external rotor motors

Optimal control of the drive with bearingless encoders. 100% integrated sensor solution.



Solutions for Elevator Technology


Shaft copying systems for triggering electromechanical safety gears