Safety-M compact moduli base

Speed monitoring. The compact basic module of the Safety-M compact series is a complete speed monitoring device in the smallest space possible. The removable operating and diagnostic display (OLED) ensures easy parameterizing. The safe inputs and outputs and the integrated signal splitter allow the integration in existing safety circuits as well as the retrofitting of old machines.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Connection of incremental encoders allows a versatile realization of drive safety functions
  • No complex and expensive external wiring – easy forwarding to the controller / frequency converter because of Integrated signal splitter
  • Local diagnostics thanks to the front-side status LED and to the removable OLED touch screen with plain text display
  • Fast internal signal conversion of the speed into analog values
Safety-M compact Moduli base SMC1
SMC1new SinCos

Numero interfacce encoder: 1
Ingressi digitali sicuri: 4/2
Uscite digitali sicure: 8/4
Safety-M compact Moduli base SMC2
SMC2new SinCos

Numero interfacce encoder: 2
Ingressi digitali sicuri: 4/2
Uscite digitali sicure: 8/4

SafeConfig OS6.0

The software is SafeConfig OS6.0 for configuring, programming and commissioning the safety modules of the Safety-M compact family. The intuitive software for diagnostics, service and enable measurements allows PC-based measurement using existing hardware.

  Learn more about the software SafeConfig OS6.0

Productvideo Safety-M basic modules SMCx

Discover the short Productvideo showing the features, characteristics and your benefit of Safety-M basic modules SMCx.
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