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Repair service

Dear Customer,

Even with us, it can occasionally happen that a product does not work - or no longer works - to your total satisfaction or that an error creeps in during delivery. In such cases, please be assured that we will do our utmost to help. If you have to return a device to us, we guarantee that we will carry out an in-depth analysis and send you a rapid response.

In the first instance please therefore supply us a brief description of the problem using our RMA form. Please fill out this RMA form as clearly and completely as possible and return it to us with a click of your mouse. You will then automatically receive by e-mail a receipt confirmation with your data. We will immediately create an RMA file and send you via e-mail an RMA order confirmation.

Afterwards, please return the device with a copy of the RMA order confirmation to the following address:
Fritz Kübler GmbH
Service / RMA
Schubertstraße 47
78054 Villingen-Schwenningen

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Germany - Austria- Swiss
Phone: +49 07720 3903-118

Other countries
Phone: +49 07720 3903-58



Repair policy of Kübler Group

Warranty time: 24 Months + 6 months as a good will tolerance for possible shipping and stocking time at your or our end. The date is based on the serial number of the unit.
Warranty Case: If a product is within this warranty time and if there is no clear damage (mistreatment) by the customer. If it is a clear warranty case we will supply you a replacement unit free of charge or give you credit note or make a free of charge repair. Only if the unit is clearly damaged by the customer there will be cost involved.

If you require an immediate replacement, please sent us an order and indicate that this is a replacement unit. If we get the damaged unit and we can define that it is a warranty case - we will give you a credit note.
Lower value units we do not repair and replace them with new products either free of charge or as per your standard price.
Repair cost quote: Will only be done if it is marked in the box of the RMA-Formsheet. Please note that a cost of EUR 28,00 + testing costs will be generated automatically for the repair cost quote. Accessories or spare parts are not repaired, they are always replaced with new parts.

RMA: Return of Material Authorization or Return Merchandize Authorization [Amer.]
The RMA-Number stands for an identification number for a return item assigned by the supplier. The customer is obliged to request this kind of number prior to the return of the merchandise.

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