The Mali Children Aid


Mali is a wonderful country in the heart of Western Africa and belongs to the poorest countries of the world. Many children are growing up in poor conditions and often have no chance of going ever to school. Unfortunately, for different reasons, some children end up on the streets. These children souls have to bear very tough situations already in their young life. In Mali, many people suffer and die from diseases because there is no medical care in their village or because they have no money for the treatment. The average life expectancy does not exceed 48 years.

Mali-Kinderhilfe is durably committed for these suffering people and in particular for the needy children and supports them in the sense of "help for self-help". The children receive medical care and education that will give them the ability to meet their livelihood on their own in the future. All children on earth need love and protection. Every child has dreams and the right to education and medical care.

The Köbler employee Andreas Happle and his wife are voluntarily engaged in this organisation and made us aware of its needs. We then received the "African Royal Ballet Djiby Kouyate Mali" already during our Summer festival. Besides its dancing and singing performances, the ballet also presented us again personally the different approaches of children aid.

Since then, we are donating for this important cause.


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