Innovation from the customer's perspective


Kübler is constantly coming up with groundbreaking innovations, which are of real benefit to the customer, in other words - innovations with the customer in mind. In addition the customers profit from many innovative details that make their lives easier - every single day.

For us, innovation requires that we know and understand all the current and - more importantly - future applications and needs of our customers and that from this knowledge we create fresh approaches to new technologies and products.


Examples of innovations from Kübler for reliability in your application:


Sendix F36 - Optical and high precision with Intelligent Scan.

Multiple international Awards eg. the Golden Mousetrap Award 2009 and the MessTec & Sensor Masters Award 2010.


Micro Counters: Shock and Magnetic-field resistant.

Thanks to patented ACR technology and a patented drive system.

Safety Lock

Encoders: SafetyLock™ and SafetyLockplus™.

Mechanically interlocked bearings - for greater safety. Tolerate rough handling during mounting of the encoder, greatly increasing the service life.


Absolute multiturn encoders: Mechanical or Electronic Multiturn stage.

Kübler is the only manufacturer, who offers both technologies, since requirements differ. For example, when mounting on a motor brake magnetic-field resistance is required, whereas if space is tight then minimal installation depth is what counts. Kübler offers a solution to every need.


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