Serial Interface RS 422

This interface is a full-duplex multi-point connection. This means that several receivers can be connected to one transmitter cable. In counting technology the PC or the PLC are used as the master station, which then controls all activity on the serial line. All devices 'listen' to what the master is transmitting, but only that device, which is being addressed, answers. A message can only be sent from one device to another via the master - which does not make much sense with counters. Connecting the PC standard RS 232 port to the RS 422 counter interface is done by means of a simple interface converter. By using this solution, up to 10 devices can be connected to the serial port of a PLC or PC. The wiring is done using a 4-wire cable with all the devices being connected in parallel. Each device has to be assigned a unique address, so that it can distinguish between messages being sent to its own address and those for another address.


RS422 output/input circuit


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