Slip Rings maintenance


Regular and appropriate maintenance is determining for the safety and service life of the slip ring.
Unless otherwise specified in the technical data sheet, the following maintenance intervals apply:

  • Max. 50 million revolutions or min. once yearly
  • Only for the contact material silver alloy: every subsequent maintenance interval max. 100 million revolutions or min. once yearly
Slip rings Maintenance

Maintenance plan

Depending on the rotational speed and on the operating mode, the specified maintenance intervals are reached more or less quickly. In case of continuous operation and corresponding rotational speeds, maintenance will be required, depending on the contact material of the signal/data channels, after the following number of months of operation

Signal/data channels, contact material gold alloy
Slip rings Maintenance plan
Signal/data channels, contact material silver alloy
Slip rings Maintenance plan

Position of the maintenance window

Slip ring with maintenance window at the bottom (slip ring for power current up to 16 A)
Schleifringe Wartungsfenster unten

Slip ring with maintenance window on the side (slip ring for power current over 16 A)
Schleifringe Wartungsfenster seitlich

The accurate description of the maintenance work can be found in the respective maintenance instructions.


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