Bearing life

All Kübler encoders are designed to ensure that their bearings give a long service life. This is subject of course to correct installation and to the load limits for the shaft (shaft encoders) being complied with or, in the case of hollow shaft encoders, being mounted with the appropriate stator couplings or torque stops.

The following diagrams show the expected service life of the shaft encoder bearings depending on the bearing load. The calculations are based on a mixed load, where the axial force components are always half of the radial shaft load.

The use of the torque stops and stator couplings that are offered ensure that the shaft load with the hollow shaft encoders as supplied from the factory is kept very small.

Bearing life 2400

Bearing life for shaft encoders Type 2400

Bearing life 36x0

Bearing life for shaft encoders Type 36x0

Bearing life 3700

Bearing life for shaft encoders Type 3700

Bearing life Sendix

Bearing life for shaft encoders of the Sendix series


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