Cable lengths for incremental encoders

Depending on the output circuit and the electrical noise the following cable lengths are recommended:

Output circuit

max. cable length

Encoder connected to e.g.

Push-pull without inverted signals

100 m *

Kübler counter/SPS

Push-pull with inverted signals

250 m *

SPS / IPC (1)

Push-Pull with inverted signals (7272)

30 m *

RS422 with inverted signals

up to 1000 m (> 50 m dep. on frequency)

SPS / IPC (1)

Voltage sine with inverted signals

50 m

SPS / IPC (1)

Sine wave 1 Vss

50 m

10 ... 30 V DC


  • Depending on the application the recommended cable length can be shorter, especially in areas with a high level of electrical noise.
  • Always use shielded cables - the shield should be connected at both the encoder and controller ends!
  • The core diameter of the signal cores should be > 0.14 mm2².
  • The core diameter of the voltage supply cores should be large enough depending on the cable length, that the voltage supply of the encoder is high enough and the signals do not go below the minimum levels!
(1) Depends on frequency
(2) IPC = industrial PC


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