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Kübler OPS offers you economical OEM product solutions

OEM Produkte Individual OEM-specific displays, controllers, control counters, process controllers and measuring devices for all physical variables - either as stand-alone solution, panel mounting or DIN rail mounting.

Slave devices / peripheral units for PLC, e.g. displays or interface components.

Customer-specific sensor solutions, e.g. special rotary encoders.

OPS Products - Some Examples

Pendulum mechanism for encoders


A pendulum is installed on the shaft of an encoder. As the pendulum is always aligned vertically downwards, it produces a rotation of the encoder shaft. This allows to measure an angular position.

  • Easy installation
  • Measuring range ±360°
  • Combined with Kübler encoders with any interface

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Fieldbus Display

Anzeige CAN-Bus

PROFIBUS-DP or CANopen interface. Display range -9999 to 99999. One selectable decimal point. DIN housing.

  • Easy to read LED 7-segment display
  • Automatic baud-rate recognition
  • Plug-in screw terminal connection /li>

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Protective housing for encoders

Gehäuseeinbau GES für rotative Sensorik - Edelstahl

Customized mounting of rotary sensors, e.g. encoders in a protective aluminium or stainless steel housing. Sensor systems for different applications can be mounted. The system is extremely rugged and reliable.

  • High protection rating up to IP68
  • For redundancy applications
  • Shaft load up to 800N
  • Rugged design

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Wall housing for DIN 48x24mm

Gehäuseeinbau GES für rotative Sensorik - Edelstahl

Suitable for installation of process diplays and counters in a DIN housing. Complete with bracket for wall mounting and cable connection.

  • High protection rating up to IP65
  • Robust plastic housing
  • Customized versions available

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