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Multifunction Process Controller Type 573


... with 2 analogue inputs and an analogue output (mA, V) or 2 switching outputs, 14 bit resolution, linearization with up to 16 control points, Tare function, Teach-In function, 3 display values

The process controller can be used both in single channel mode as well as in dual channel. In dual channel mode, all arithmetic operations are available for displaying sum total, difference, ratio or the product. Inputs and outputs can be scaled separately.

Can be used as:

  • A simple process signal converter.
  • A process controller (ON/OFF controller).
  • For complex measuring tasks where the relationship between two values, one to the other, must be monitored, calculated or further processed in a higher-level controller.

Data sheet 573
Manual 573 with 2 optocoupler outputs
Manual 573 with analogue output
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Setpoint generator / Time based process adjuster Codix 533

Sollwertgeber/ zeitabhängiger Prozessgeber CODIX 533
  • Innovative: Function of a digital time controller with analogue output, manual functions with direct input or stepped incremental output of the setpoint, physical variables output in the form of 0 to 12 V or 0 to 24 mA analogue signals, units of display can be freely programmed and displayed, 4-digit 8 mm high top- quality LED display
  • User-friendly: Simpler to run processes than with a PLC or process controller, Everything can be programmed easily by means of 2 keys and the text menu, 3 functions integrated as standard in the CODIX 533, manual and time-based.
  • Cost-saving and compact: Ideal for simulation runs without the need for expensive, time-consuming running-in of processes, processes become more cost-effective, DIN 48 x 24 mm panel-mount housing with installation depth of only 59 mm


The set-point generator / adjuster Codix 533 triggers a standard signal or a freely programmable signal sequence from 0 ... 12 V or from 0 ... 24 mA. The set-point generator / adjuster CODIX 533 is a real innovation opening up new application potentials in process technology and automation..


Data sheet
Press release


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