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SR250H SR250H SR250H
SR250H SR250H SR250H

Slip ring


  • For high current applications
  • Adaptable
  • Long service life

Powerful – slip ring for 80 A or even more...

In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform.
The transmission between the stator and rotor takes place via sliding contacts and is extremely reliable.
The slip ring SR250H transmits in parallel signals and data, as well as loads up to 80 A for high-power drives.
The robust modular construction and many different connection possibilities ensure flexible and reliable operation.

Dimension 250 mm
Mounting type Flange
Connection types Cable
Media lead-through Pneumatics
Working temperature -35 °C ... +85 °C
Protection level IP67
Rotational speed 150 min-1
Service life 500 million revolutions
Maintenance cycles 100 million revolutions
Load current transmission 80 A, 500 V AC/DC
Transmission Fieldbus
Industrial Ethernet
  • Reliable operation in harsh environments.
  • Load transmission up to 80 A.
  • High protection level up to IP67.
  • Modular construction – individual product.
  • Transmission of Ethernet, signal, load, pneumatics and hydraulics.
  • Pluggable connections – error prevention.
  • Innovative contact technology, low-maintenance and durable.
  • Transmission rate up to 100 Mbit/s.
Application areas for slip rings
Bottling plants, labelling machines, wear test machines, rotary transfer machines, construction machinery, cranes.
Declaration of conformity


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Cables and connectors

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