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Slip ring


  • Heating and monitoring of sealing rollers
  • Compact solution
  • Long service life

The flow pack specialist: the compact slip ring in UL Version.

In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data from a stationary to a rotating platform.
The SR060U is a compact, economical slip ring for up to 3 power and 2 signal transmissions.
New innovative contact materials ensure long service life and extremely low-maintenance operation. The round shape with smooth surfaces and high protection level allows easy cleaning.

Dimension 60 mm
Mounting type 20 mm Hollow shaft, through
22 mm Hollow shaft, through
24 mm Hollow shaft, through
25 mm Hollow shaft, through
Working temperature 0 °C ... +75 °C
Protection level IP64
Rotational speed 500 min-1
Service life 500 million revolutions
Maintenance cycles 100 million revolutions
Max. number of signal channels 2
Max. number of load channels 3
Load current transmission 16 A, 240 V AC
  • Dimensions 60 x 98 mm.
  • Can be used as a pair starting from just 60 mm shaft distance of the sealing rollers.
  • Various component configurations for the transmission paths, max. 3 x load and 2 x signal transmission.
  • Easily accessible connections.
  • Load current up to 16 A.
  • Maintenance cycles only every 100 million revolutions.
  • No contact oil required.
  • Easy cleaning – high protection level IP64.
Data sheet


PDF ∼ 790,4 KB | 11.2023
Product Certificates

Slip Ring UL USA

PDF ∼ 100,9 KB | 09.2020

Slip Ring UL Canada

PDF ∼ 103,4 KB | 09.2020


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