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FT 1D-1D  new

Frequency divider

FT 1D-1D

  • Adjustable zero signal
  • External scaling for controls
  • HTL / TTL level converter
TTL / RS422

Frequency divider for error-free division of frequencies / pulses.

The FT frequency divider is used for error-free division of frequencies or pulses from conventional encoders, sensors, or other incremental measuring systems. Four easily-accessible DIL switches can be used
to program division ratios from 1:1 to 1:4096 as well as the desired display of the direction of rotation. A separately adjustable divider is available for the zero signal.
The module is quickly and easily mounted in the control cabinet on a standard DIN rail.

Dimension 40 mm x 79 mm x 91 mm
Working temperature 0 °C ... 45 °C
Protection level IP20
Connection types Screw terminals
Sub-D connector
Input interfaces TTL / RS422
Output interfaces TTL / RS422
Inputs coding A, B, 0
A, A|, B, B|, 0, 0|
Outputs coding A, B, 0
A, A|, B, B|, 0, 0|
Input frequency 300.000 Hz
Output frequency 300.000 Hz
Supply voltage 18...30 V DC
  • Level conversion from TTL / RS422 into HTL 10 ... 30 V DC and
  • Adjustable division ratio for error-free and division of the
    position given by encoder pulses with direction (A, B, 90°).
  • Limit frequency 300 kHz.
  • Separately adjustable divider for the zero pulse.
  • Push-pull outputs for direct PLC control.

  • Frequency reduction for slow controls.
  • External scaling for controls.
  • Active signal adaptation for High/Low level.
  • Adjustable zero pulse for specific applications
Data sheet

Signal Converter FT 1D-1D

PDF ∼ 219,2 KB | 06.2018
Operation manual

Signalwandler FT.1D-1D

PDF ∼ 364,3 KB | 01.2018


ZIP ∼ 544,7 KB | 11.2017

Declaration of conformity

FT 1D-1D

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 357,6 KB | 07.2018


Portfolio overview signal converters

PDF ∼ 214,7 KB | 01.2020


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