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New Products

Innovative solutions for your application
  • Rotary speed and position acquisition
  • Linear speed and position acquisition
  • Tilt angle acquisition
  • Transmission of load, signal and data
  • Acquisition, control, and counting of any measured variable
  • Functional safety
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Exciting. Inspiring. Future-proof. Kübler products and solutions.

Based on your requirements, we develop innovative products and solutions that inspire. The latest developments from Kübler are simply more proof. We focus on your application. This is the only way to create real added value. Be inspired by our new products and benefit from the high quality and reliability of Kübler products and solutions in the future.


Rotary speed and position acquisition, linear position and speed measuring as well as tilt angle acquisition.
Rotary encoders, bearingless encoders, motor feedback systems, linear measurement, shaft copying systems, and inclinometers.

Encoder family expanded with singleturn variants
The magnetic absolute Sendix M36 / M58 encoder family is now complete: multiturn and singleturn variants in a compact 36 mm design are a space-saving and compact solution.
For extreme requirements
Even more robust in bearing design, with optional stainless steel housing and highest protection class up to IP69k are features that distinguish this version.
For safety applications
The Industrial Ethernet encoders with PROFIsafe interface.
Bearingless Encoders
100 % integration in asynchronous motors
In order to reduce the overall length, Kübler offers magnetic, bearingless encoders, which can be integrated into any motor size according to customer specifications.
Bearingless Encoders
For mounting on large shafts
Robust, bearingless encoders for large generator or motor shafts up to max. ø 740 mm possible.
New Generation: PROFINET Encoders
Predestined for real-time applications. Thanks to the new technical platform, the encoders can also be integrated into PROFIdrive networks.
Encoders with IO-Link
Absolute encoders in compact design of 36 mm with a total resolution of up to 32 bit available as  singleturn and multiturn variant.
Communication with SAE J1939
Absolute encoders as single or multiturn versions in a compact size of 36 mm. Magnetic scanning. High degree of protection up to IP69k.
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Draw-wire encoder with IO-Link
Draw-wire encoder with IO-Link encoder for measuring lengths up to 42.5 m with practical solutions such as fixed and exchangeable mounting of the encoder on the draw-wire mechanism.
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Draw-wire encoder with redundant analog sensor.
Measuring length up to 3 m: The wire-actuated encoder B75 is predestined for outdoor use due to its robust design. Numerous electrical interfaces available.
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Wire-actuated encoder with SAE J1939
All our wire-draw mechanisms from the Compact-Line and Performance-Line performance classes can be equipped with an encoder and SAE J1939 interface.
Product details
Even more compact. With redundant analog sensor.
Measuring length up to 6 m. The draw-wire encoder C105 is predestined for outdoor use due to its robust design. Numerous electrical interfaces available.
Capture linear movements rotationally

Reliable speed, position and distance measurement with compact measuring wheel system.

Product details
Absolute positioning of the elevator car
Shaft copying system for travel heights up to 392 m. Compact and robust construction.
Product details
Safe positioning of the elevator car

SIL3-certified shaft copying system for travel heights up to 392 m. Implements EN 81-20/21/50.

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Safe evaluation

Can be combined with Ants LES02 for realizing elevator and safety functions in compliance with EN81-20/-21/-50.

Unwavering accuracy
Robust inclinometers designed for outdoor use.
Measuring range 0 to 360° or measuring range ±85°. Analog, SSI, CANopen or SAE J1939 interfaces.


Transmission of load, signal, and data such as fieldbus and Ethernet. Communication and optimum connections between control system and sensors.
Slip rings, custom slip rings, signal converters, splitters, converters, frequency dividers, level converters, and cables and connectors.
Product details
Pancake slip ring for robotics
The ideal solution for end-of-arm tooling in robotics. Reliable transmission of load, signals and data in a short space and low weight.
Smart solution for industry 4.0
In addition to the reliable transmission of load, signal and data, the integrated sensor technology supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts with functions such as Condition Monitoring and many more


Recording of quantities; counting of units of any kind, and reliable speed and position recording for functional safety.
Displays and counters, process equipment, and safe speed monitors up to SIL3/PLe
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IO-Link touch display & process controller
Available as pure touch display or as process control unit. Realization of all counting, measuring and control tasks. Easy commissioning thanks to simple plain text programming with resistive touch screen.
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For analog standard signals
LED process display with many functions. Accurate range of measured values thanks to 14 bit resolution and scalable totalizer.