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360 Sendix KIS40 Sendix KIS40
Sendix KIS40 Sendix KIS40

Encoders Incremental

Sendix KIS40

  • Economical
  • For small devices and machines
  • Robust bearing structure
  • Dimension Ø 40 mm
  • 2.500 ppr incremental
  • Max 8 mm shaft, with flat surface
  • Max 1/4" shaft, with flat surface
TTL / RS422
Open Collector

The economical sensor solution.

The Sendix KIS40 / KIH40 incremental compact encoders with optical sensors are designed for maximum economy and are available with a resolution of up to 2500 pulses per revolution. Special details from the sophisticated Sendix technology can be found in these encoders. This results in a special resistance to vibrations and installation errors. It sets new standards in cost-sensitive applications. The wide performance range opens up many fields of application and is therefore particularly suitable for narrow installation spaces as well as smaller machines and devices.

Dimension Ø 40 mm
Shaft type 6 mm shaft, with flat surface
8 mm shaft, with flat surface
1/4 " shaft, with flat surface
Flange type Synchro flange / Servo flange
Clamping flange

Ø 40.00 mm
Working temperature -20 °C ... +70 °C
Protection level IP64
Connection types Axial cable
Radial cable
Max. rotational speed 4.500 min-1
Weight 170 g
Scanning optical
Resolution max. 2.500 ppr incremental
Supply voltage 5 V DC
10...30 V DC
Interfaces Push-pull
TTL / RS422
Open Collector
on request
  • Further impulse counters/resolutions
Compact and robust
  • Only 40 mm outer diameter.
  • Ideally suited for limited installation space.
  • Robust bearing design in safety Lock™ design.
  • Safe commissioning: Reverse polarity protection and short-circuit proof.
  • Maximum resolution 2500 pulses per revolution.
  • Supply voltage 5 V DC or 10 to 30 V DC.
  • Push-pull, RS422 or Open collector.
  • Cable radial or axial.
Data sheet

Sendix KIS40 / KIH40 Incremental

PDF ∼ 916,8 KB | 04.2021
Operation Manual

KI40 Base

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 1,3 MB | 03.2021

Safety characteristics

Sendix KIS40 MTTFd

Multilingual: German, English
PDF ∼ 213,8 KB | 06.2019

Declaration of conformity

Sendix KIS40 / KIH40

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 355,3 KB | 04.2016

electronic CAD / ePlan

Sendix KIS40 / KIH40

ZIP ∼ 2,8 MB | 02.2020

Product Certificates

Encoder UL Canada

PDF ∼ 79,9 KB | 11.2019

Encoder UL USA

PDF ∼ 78,2 KB | 11.2019


Bellows coupling

Bellows coupling

Bellows couplings are used for the cost-optimized connection of motor and encoder. In addition, a correction of angular errors between drive and encoder is achieved. Compensation for larger axial errors.

Bellows coupling (stainless steel).
Ø 19mm 8.0000.1102.XXXX
Ø 15mm 8.0000.1202.XXXX
Ø 25mm 8.0000.1502.XXXX
Data sheet
8.000xxxxx Accessories coupling
mechanical CAD / STEP
8.0000.1202.XXXX Accessories Bellow coupling

Cables and connectors

M12 Connector ,

M12 Connector ,

Field-wireable connector

Female connector 8-pin
05.CMB 8181-0

Data sheet

M12 Connector ,

M12 Connector ,

Field-wireable connector

Male connector 8-pin
05.CMBS 8181-0

Data sheet

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