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Encoders Incremental

Sendix 5834 Motor-Line

  • Very high signal quality
  • Highly interpolatable
  • Robust
  • Dimension Ø 58 mm
  • 2.048 ppr Incremental
ATEX 2,22
ATEX 2,22
ATEX 2,22

Ideal for drive technology. Encoder with conical shaft.

The incremental encoder Sendix 5834 with SinCos interface is predestined for drive technology and can be selected with stator or spreader coupling.
Its very high signal quality makes it ideal for further interpolation.

Dimension Ø 58 mm
Flange type Ø 58.00 mm
Ø 65.00 mm
Ø 72.00 mm
Working temperature -40 °C ... +90 °C
Protection level IP40
Connections Cable, tangential
Circuit board connector
Speed 12.000 min-1
Weight 450 g
Scanning optical
Resolution max. 2.048 ppr Incremental
Supply voltage 5 V DC
10...30 V DC
Interfaces SinCos
  • With incremental SinCos traces.
  • Very high signal quality.
  • Suitable for extreme applications.
  • Shaft and hollow shaft variants.
  • Cable and connector variants.
  • Different mounting variants available.
Data sheet

Sendix 5834 Motor-Line

PDF ∼ 523,6 KB | 09.2018


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