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 HVa15  HVa15
 HVa15  HVa15

Time preset counter electromechanical


  • Manual zeroing
  • Counter reading and preset permanently visible
  • Potential-free changeover switch
  • Dimension
    · 53 x 53 mm | 50 x 50 mm
    · 60 x 75 mm | 50 x 50 mm
  • Power supply:
      · 20...30 V AC
      · 42...48 V AC
      · 187...264 V AC
      · 360...440 V AC
      · 10...30 V DC
  • Display 5-digit number, mech. roller counter

Product is discontinued

A new / comparable product is available for this product.

Time preset counter – adding with standing preset.

The time preset counters HVa 15 with manual reset are of robust design. They can be used in harsh industrial environments as single meters or in combination with other B, BVa, HB or HVa meters. Display of counter reading and preset value.

Model electromechanical
Function Time preset counter
Dimension 1 53 x 53 mm | 50 x 50 mm
60 x 75 mm | 50 x 50 mm
Protection level IP42
Working temperature -15 °C ... +50 °C
Reset electronic

(1) Front panel size | Panel cut-out
Power supply 20...30 V AC
42...48 V AC
187...264 V AC
360...440 V AC
10...30 V DC
  • 5-digit adding time preset counter with standing preset
  • Manual zeroing
  • Potential-free changeover switch (micro-switch) when the preset is reached
  • Contact remains toggled until zero position is reached
  • Counter without front frame can be plugged into front frame F2B and combined with 50 x 50 mm pitch
  • Can be combined with B, BVa, HB and HVa series meters
  • Counter reading and preset permanently visible
  • Versions with transparent cover, sealing cap, lockable zero position
Time control, automation
Data sheet


PDF ∼ 567,0 KB | 03.2023
Declaration of conformity

HVa15 CE

Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 382,0 KB | 04.2016


Safety instructions for electromechanical meters

Multilingual: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 147,7 KB | 04.2015


Front bezel F2B

Front bezel F2B

Plastic front frame F2B for 54x54mm cutout and 946 socket in dimension F2 for one Bva, HVa or 2 B, HB meter. Pluggable from the front.
Beige G.007.503
Schwarz G.007.504
Data sheet
Front bezel

Rail mount frames SR1, SR2, SR3

Rail mount frames SR1, SR2, SR3

The SR 1, SR 2, and SR 3 mounting rail frames can be snapped onto TS 35x7.5 and TS 35x15 mounting rails according to DIN EN 50022 or TS 32 according to DIN EN 50035. Electromechanical and electronic totalizer, preset or hour meters can be plugged into the built-in sockets.
SR1 G.300.000
SR2 G.300.001
SR3 G.300.002
Data sheet
DIN rail mount

Mounting frame, 48x48

Mounting frame, 48x48

For the installation of all meters, timers with the DIN dimensions 48x48mm. Cutout 50x50mm. For snap-on mounting on 35mm DIN top hat rail

Meter holder (chrome-plated sheet steel), DIN hat-rail adapter (fiber-reinforced polyamide).
Data sheet
Mounting frame

Sealing gasket N.511020

Sealing gasket N.511020

Outer dimension: 60 x 75 [2.363 x 2.953"]
Inner dimension: 50 x 50 [1.969 x 1.969"]
Data sheet

Cables and connectors

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