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Codix 543 Codix 543
Codix 543 Codix 543

Hour meter electronic

Codix 543

  • Manual / electric reset
  • Programmable time base, start/stop
  • Optional output
  • Dimension
    · 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
  • Supply voltage:
      · 100 - 240 (± 10%) V AC
      · 10...30 V DC
  • Display 6-digit number, LED

Hour meters / timers with 4 start input types.

The Codix 543 is a power-supplied time counter, hour meter
or short time meter with 4 start input types and individually adjustable time base.
The 6-digit LED display shows the NPN, PNP input signals for pulse width or period duration measurement.

Model electronic
Function Hour meters / timers
Dimension 1 96 x 48 mm | 92 x 45 mm
Protection level IP65
Working temperature -20 °C ... +65 °C
Weight 150 g
Reset electronic

(1) Front panel size | Panel cut-out
Supply voltage 100 - 240 (± 10%) V AC
10...30 V DC
Signal input NPN
  • High accuracy due to quartz time base
  • Robust housing - IP65 protection
  • Very bright LED display, 14 mm high
  • Individually adjustable scaling

- Hours, minutes or seconds, can be set even more precisely to max. 3 decimal places by the decimal point
- Smallest achievable resolution: Milliseconds
- Time base in hours (minutes and seconds as real-time display)

  • Short start-up time

Detects incoming pulses already after 16 ms after switching on the power supply => no pulse loss with simultaneous motor start

  • Individually adjustable start/stop function

4 different measuring principles can be implemented via 2 Start/Stop inputs, e.g. pulse width measurement active or passive, period duration measurement with one input or with separate inputs.

User-friendly and universal
  • Large buttons

Switching is done by pressing one of the two buttons (can also be operated with gloves)

  • Programming

- Simple and uniform programming and operation through plain text programming
- Access to programming also during operation with safety query

  • Manual or electrical reset

Tamper-proof thanks to lockable reset function

  • Freely programmable set value (start time at which time counting starts)
  • AC or DC supply with sensor power supply
  • As an alternative to the HTL inputs, devices with a 5 V DC input level are also available for use as a parallel display to the PLC
- Optional with output: 1 Hz cycle with active time measurement
Data sheet

Codix 543

PDF ∼ 469,3 KB | 10.2018
Operation manual

Codix 541 - 544

Multilingual: German, English, English (USA), French, Italian, Spanish
PDF ∼ 877,0 KB | 07.2017

Declaration of conformity


Multilingual: German, English, French
PDF ∼ 387,0 KB | 04.2016

Product Certificates

Counting and Process UL Canada

PDF ∼ 78,6 KB | 01.2019

Counting and Process UL USA

PDF ∼ 76,1 KB | 01.2019


Enclosure, 48x96

Enclosure, 48x96

For the installation of all devices with DIN dimensions 48x96mm. For mounting the devices on a DIN rail.
Data sheet

Sealing gasket N.511031

Sealing gasket N.511031

Outer dimension: 96 x 49 [3.78 x 1.929"]
Inner dimension: 92 x 45 [3.622 x 1.772"]
Data sheet
Gasket asccessories

Cables and connectors

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