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Kübler Live Consulting

1:1 communication via digital glasses - your Slip Ring solution within reach!

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What is Kübler Live Consulting?
From the perspective of the consultant. With Kübler Live Consulting you are involved and experience a conversation just like at your own premises or at a trade fair. A connection is established between you and our consultant via live stream. You communicate with our consultant and simultaneously see solutions and products from Kübler. The consultant will respond to your wishes and show and explain what you want to see. Digitally networked and personally advised - that's Kübler Live Consulting.
How does Kübler Live Consulting work?
Digital glasses establish an online connection with you and our consultant, with which you can then begin the consultation in an uncomplicated and reliable manner. On your screen you see through the eyes of the consultant, so to speak. The consultation is as individual as your requirements. Therefore, the consultant will answer your questions exactly and show you what you are interested in. Downloads such as data sheets, CAD data, pictures or videos can be displayed during the consultation. Forwardings on certain pages of our website are also possible. All information can be sent to you by e-mail afterwards.
Which requirements do I have to meet?
Digitization can be as simple as this: All you need is a terminal device ( laptop, tablet, smartphone) and a reliable Internet connection. In addition, no software is required to use this service. All you need to do in advance is register for this event and then arrange a desired appointment. We are looking forward to the digital encounter.

Experience the showroom - as individual as your slip ring solution

Virtual tour - 360 degree view

We invite you to experience our real showroom in this way. Discover everything about our slip ring solutions and innovations in this field. Details about different transmission technologies as well as an overview of our overall portfolio. You will discover videos and further information on this digital journey.

You have VR glasses?

It feels real and yet it is virtual. With your VR glasses we offer you the opportunity to get even closer to the showroom and above all to Kübler Schleifringe. You are right in the middle of it and can decide for yourself what you want to see. Just try it out!

Kübler Live Consulting - You are connected with us

Kübler Live Consulting is the modern form of 1:1 communication and offers you enormous advantages. You are connected to one of our consultants online via live stream and you see, as it were, through the eyes of the consultant. You can look forward to a competent and personal discussion - almost like at your own premises or during a visit to a trade fair.

Reliable power, signal, and data transmission with Kübler.

Slip rings Portfolio

Standard slip rings in a modular system for transmission of electrical power up to 25 A, analog signals, digital signals, field buses, and Industrial Ethernet. Can be combined with media lead-throughs for air and liquids. Hollow shaft up to 34 mm, protection up to IP64.

Customized Solutions
Customized solutions

The right slip ring for your application. Electrical power up to 120 A, multi-channel transmission of various Industrial Ethernet protocols and field buses. Contactless transmission at data rates greater than 100 Mbit/s and many other possibilities.

Smart Slip ring - IIoT enabler
Slip rings for Industrial Ethernet transmissionalso ensure that Industry 4.0 / IIoT concepts can be implemented in every angle of the machine.
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„Take the opportunity and let us
talk together about your application.”

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We look forward to seeing you. Stay healthy!

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Managing Director of the Kübler Group
Lothar W. Kübler, Martin Huth und Gebhard F. Kübler.