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Social commitment and sponsoring

Kübler is committed to good causes.

Being an entrepreneur also obliges us to fulfil our social responsibility, and not only by creating jobs. We are happy to meet this obligation and have been supporting several social and sporting projects and organizations for years.

Our managing directors also maintain personal relationships with all projects. So we can see what happens with the money we donate.

Since 2004

The “Vesperkirche” in Villingen-Schwenningen with the motto "together at one table".

"The first step was difficult, but once here, you feel comfortable. Many thanks for the warm, regular, healthy and communal food. Many destinies united and all treated equally". A guest wrote this in the diary of the Versperkirche - an encouragement for everyone to reopen this somewhat different temporary eating place in the Pauluskirche in the coming year.

"Together at one table" - this is the motto of the Vesperkirche. "The communal meal is important. Everyone may come, no matter how thick or thin his wallet is," emphasizes Father Andreas Güntter.

 With approximately 300 meals and guests per day over 29 days away, those are scarcely 9.000 meal portions, which are served year for year in affectionate atmosphere by honorary aids at the tables. The guests also appreciate this, Father Güntter knows: "Enthusiasm, solidarity, discussions, commitment, community, encounters ... and that with good food! He is pleased that the Kübler Group has supported this initiative from the very beginning and continues to be a loyal donor every year.

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Since 2011
Wiha Panthers - Schwenningen - Team photo Saison 2018/19

Basketball sponsoring: Wiha Panthers

The Wiha Panthers have been playing in the “2nd Bundesliga ProB South” since 2018. As the main sponsor, we are happy to support the sporting success of the local basketball team, which also carries out excellent youth work on site.
Team photo from left: Youth coordinator Boyko Pangarov, Rasheed Moore, Trainer Alen Velcic, Konstantin Karamatskos, Sergey Tsvetkov, Bill Borekambi, Leon Friederici, Darius Pakamanis, Dion Braimoh, Seid Hajric, Abdulai Abaker, Hannes Osterwalder and Teammanager Nenad Bogdanovic.

Since 2012

Kübler supports ProKids in Villingen-Schwenningen

ProKids, an institution in the Schwenninger youth centre, is an informal meeting place for mothers, fathers and above all children. It offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, play, do handicrafts and work on many community projects in a cheerful atmosphere. The aim is to support young families, to support children and to provide a place that can be used as a common meeting place. The ProKids team has also set itself the task of providing advice in difficult situations.

Within the scope of the ProKids individual, free support is offered for learning in the ProKids homework support, there is the ProKids clothing chamber for children and adults and the ProKids meeting organizes also large meetings, seasonal projects and a vacation program. Many volunteers and employed pedagogical staff are involved here and the Kübler Group is happy to help with a regular financial donation.

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Since 2017

Children centre Ümüt-Nadjeschda e.V.

The children centre in Kyrgyzstan looks after children who live completely isolated from society due to various disabilities. The founder of the Ümüt-Nadjeschda e.V. association, Mrs. Karla-Maria Schälike, experienced this fate herself and was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her charitable work. She herself was the only western foreigner in Kyrgyzstan during the Soviet era and was shocked by the fact that the handicapped children were taken away from the women immediately after birth and still live completely isolated from society today. The Ümüt-Nadjeschda e.V. association collects donations for the children centre in Nadjeschda, which takes care of these children.

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